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08/26/2014 11:07AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
New Trip Report posted by cooke350

Trip Name: First Trip For Daughter & Nephew.

Entry Point: 35

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08/26/2014 10:10PM  
Nice report. Looks like the kids loved it.
08/27/2014 08:23PM  
Thanks for the report - glad you had a nice trip with the kids. I haven't been to Isabella, but went in Island River years ago before the fire. I liked the area. It looks like the kids really had fun.
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08/27/2014 09:18PM  
Great report, thanks. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to come with me
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08/28/2014 03:31PM  
Yes, cowdoc, the kids did love it! It's been almost 2 weeks now and I've heard my daughter talk about it a bunch of times with her friends and relatives.

Boonie, we talked about going in Island River if we go there again. It would be fun to give the kids a little river experience, along with some more portaging. Especially now that they know what to expect.

Builditbetter22, how old is your daughter? Mine is 9 now, and I thought it was a good age for her first BW trip. She's old enough to be helpful and to entertain herself. We started doing island trips with our kids when my son was about that age, but I didn't take him into the BW until he was 17. I really wish I would've brought him in earlier, though.
08/29/2014 12:07PM  
Nice report and glad you could take some first-timers! BTW, I like those rims better w/out center caps anyway...
08/30/2014 08:52PM  
Sounds like a really nice trip for you and your family. Makes me look forward to taking my kids when they are ready for it.

Thanks for sharing.
08/31/2014 03:19PM  

Nice report! Its great you took the kids creating a lifetime of memories. Well worth the extra work.
03/27/2017 01:05PM  
Nice report. It looks like the kids had a blast. It's been a few years, hopefully everyone has made it back since and are still enjoying their time in the BWCA. Those were some crappies by the way!!!
03/28/2017 10:25AM  
Always love seeing kids in the outdoors. Thanks for the report.
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