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05/17/2022 09:14PM  
This is the thread to post lost and found items for 2022.

Please post information, pictures, dates etc.

Link to 2021 Lost and Found

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05/30/2022 12:43PM  
Found a bent paddle on a campsite at the west end of Long Island Lake this past week. No brand name on it. We hauled it out of the BWCA—please let me know if it's yours!
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05/31/2022 07:10AM  
Lost 3 poles for sure, maybe 4. One was a brand new, never seen the water St. Croix pole with a flueger reel, another one was an Ugly Stick with a blue Diawa reel, and the third was another flueger pole and reel combo. They were lost on May 25th in the morning left at a portage somewhere between Seagull Lake to South Arm Knife. I believe it was between Jasper, Kingfisher, and Ogishkemuncie on one of the short portages. Hopefully someone has them because they weren't there on the way out!
06/01/2022 02:19PM  
Lost 5/30/2022 - 4 fishing poles at one of the portages between Mudro and Fourtown

Fenwick Eagle with pfluger president spin reel

St. Croix rod with shimano sahara spin reel

St. Croix rod with abu garcia revo stx bait casting reel

Flueger rod and spin reel combo.

Feel free to text or call if you've seen them and I'll happily pay to have them shipped to Hopkins, MN. 651-399-9402
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06/06/2022 10:10PM  
Axe found on Gabemichigami, June 4th. Oddly enough it was labled "AXE". Message me a description and we'll coordinate.
06/12/2022 06:52PM  
OgimaaBines: "Axe found on Gabemichigami, June 4th. Oddly enough it was labled "AXE". Message me a description and we'll coordinate."

If you read "100 Years of Solitude" by Gabriel García Márquez it might make some sense. :)
06/13/2022 10:06AM  
found rod and reel on west end of ensign lake on june 2
let me know if its yours we can make arrangements
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06/13/2022 05:26PM  
I lost a Berkley Lightning Rod with a Daiwa Regal reel, most likely on the Pine Portage or Deux River portages between Pickerel and Dore', and Dore' to Twin Lakes, in Quetico. My daughter thinks a Yeti stole it from camp, but I have my doubts.

If you find it, I would love to get the brand new reel back but you can keep the brand new Lightning Rod just because shipping would be a pain!

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06/15/2022 06:09PM  
Left my battery charger and USB cable at site 310 on Crab Lake on 6/13. Left it on a rock and it obviously blended in enough to not see on the final check through camp.
06/19/2022 08:56PM  
I left three rods at my campsite on pipestone bay today. Two are identical rods, the third is a “panfish pro”.

If anyone happened to find them, I can offer a bit of a reward.

Left them at the canoe harbor at campsite 1608, the third site on the east side of pipestone bay after pipestone falls.
06/19/2022 08:56PM  
I left three rods at my campsite on pipestone bay today. Two are identical rods, the third is a “panfish pro”.

If anyone happened to find them, I can offer a bit of a reward.

Left them at the canoe harbor at campsite 1608, the third site on the east side of pipestone bay after pipestone falls.
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06/20/2022 12:11AM  
Lost, pair of girl's brown glasses on Clear Lake from shore of the 1st campsite from the portage. Lost in the water 5-8 feet out from the stony point under the big white pine on June 15. We swam and felt for them, but it's was dark and overcast.

The point is on the east side of the white pine. There is a large log lying on the rocks just right of where they were lost.

I have a feeling that if we'd had swim goggles or a mask, we could have found them easily - especially if there would have been sunlight.

Please let me know if you find the glasses.

06/20/2022 08:03PM  
Just came out of the BWCA today. A member of the party left her pink Samsung S10 phone at the Moose Lake Entry Point Thursday 6/16. Has anybody seen it?
06/23/2022 07:54PM  
Lost green 20L rubber dry bag full of food off pipestone falls portage going onto newton lake 6/23/22 @ 1100.
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06/24/2022 03:14PM  
Disregard, found in a pack
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06/27/2022 03:52PM  
I lost a headlamp on Abinodji Lake, near Snowbank, on Wednesday July 22nd. It was a Black Diamond Spot 400. I can send you a reward if you find it! Thanks!
07/01/2022 06:11PM  
Left a camouflage "fanny" pack out on the portage. I believe it was left at Bruin Lake portage on 6/30. It contains my fishing tackle, fishing license, camera, and my permit through RiverPoint Outfitters. Plenty of info to help return the pack. Hoping a honest person helps return this item. I had a group of HS students with me. They would really appreciate the pictures. Thanks to all.
Contact me at
Tuscarora Outfitters
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07/02/2022 08:10AM  
Found: Camera on the portage going into Bat from Green.

Give us a call if it's yours.

Tuscarora Lodge
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07/03/2022 10:16PM  
Bad start to the year for fishing rods!
07/04/2022 12:25PM  
Lost: Black Mountain Hardwear rain jacket

Dropped out of a pack between Grace Lake and Phoebe lake. Most likely around the portage entrance at Grace Lake. Lost last week during a day trip from Grace to Phoebe.
member (8)member
07/08/2022 11:42PM  
Left a pair of Maui Jim sun glasses on campsite 4 on pine lake 7/6. Pretty hidden in a safe spot (which is why I forgot them)

Reward if your heading that way and can grab them!! Great trip though.
07/09/2022 06:20AM  
Thanks everyone! Pack has been located and in the process of being returned. Special thanks to Voyager North for contacting me. Extra special thanks to Steve, Jane, and James at River Point Resort/Outfitters for continuing to go the extra mile for your customers. Just another story of why you have been our BWCA choice for 20+ years.
Thanks to the group who picked it up and turned it in. Hoping everyone a great summer of 2022.
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07/16/2022 03:09PM  
I know it’s a long shot, but just thought I’d post and see if I can find the owner. I found a grey hammock tarp left behind in a particularly brushy section of the Brule Lake trail this past weekend, July 10th. I’d guess it was on the outside of the owners backpack and got pulled off. If it’s yours, let me know and we can make arrangements to get it back to you.
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07/16/2022 05:36PM  
Left a black drift sock on Basswood (U.S. side) at a campsite about 4 or 5 campsites below U.S. point. Had it tied with a white rope to a tree and forgot it when we left camp on June 11th. Thanks in advance for your help.
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07/17/2022 08:21PM  
Lost a blue silicone water bottle with a BeFree screw in filter in it I think on the portage from Sag to the Granite River...if anyone finds it, I'd love it back!
07/18/2022 09:33PM  
Lost a Katadyn hiker pro water filter on the Meeds Lake portage either at Meeds Lake or Poplar Lake. I live in Grand Marais and would be so so so appreciative of anyone found it!!
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07/19/2022 01:49AM  
Lost- A Garmin etrex 20x At the Beaverhouse parking area on July 8th.
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07/29/2022 05:50PM  
Lost. Stanley coffee mug insulated, Green. Left overnight on the beach by the portage on Agnes lake. If you can get it back to me by dropping it off the next time your around a superior forest service office that would be great. If this works let me know.
07/31/2022 01:50PM  
Found glasses on Brule Island. I think they're just cheaters, but I'm posting anyway.
08/05/2022 08:43PM  
Found a small dry sack at a camp site on the west side of Lake One. Identify the contents and I’ll ship it back to you. I know you’re missing it.
08/05/2022 10:08PM  
Found a fishing net on Seagull Lake, July 28. Let me know if you’re missing one and will get it back to you.
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08/07/2022 10:09AM  
Found: Fenwick HMG69ML-FS fishing pole and Daiwa Laguna LT 2000 reel on 8/5/22 on Horse Portage (340rd) portage on Basswood Lake. Found on the portage near the second campsite.

member (11)member
08/08/2022 11:33AM  
Is this in the right place?

Palm Tree Bucket Hat

Had a Basswood trip at the end of July and I lost my favorite hat off the boat. This particular hat has been with me for Many years and I am not ready to say good by. I will pay a reward if its returned to me.
If this hat washed up on your camp site or something please let me know. :)

member (21)member
08/09/2022 08:45AM  
I did not do too good this trip!
*Lost* on 07/30 a brand new Frabill foldable fishing next on one of the portages between Birch Lake and Robins Island on Knife.

*Lost* 08/04 - My St. Christopher pendant and necklace. Sentimental item! Would love to get this back. I know where I lost it. It was in my tent pocket on a campsite on Vera. I forgot to put it on in the morning. When I went to pack the tent I noticed some stick/grass/leaves and shook the tent violently upside down. I am sure it is in the grassy tent pad area of the far southeastern cove campsite. If you're paddling that way please stop by to check. Nice tent pad behind the fire grate in the main camp area.

If you find it and decide to keep it, I hope it serves you well. But if you'd be willing to return it to me I'd be forever Grateful and would be happy to give you a reward.

Thanks kindly
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