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08/10/2022 09:04PM  
I will be taking my family of four in to the Lizz swamp area the last week of August. We will be there for 4 to 5 days and are willing to move the base camp once. Vista intrigues me, Gaskin looks fun, and Winchell Looks beautiful and reminds me of sag in seagull which is primarily where I regularly go.

For those of you who have been in this area what is your recommendation? I would like to fish but the biggest focus is pretty scenery and fun time with the family.
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08/10/2022 11:09PM  
It's a great entry'll certainly be able to accomplish your goals in this area. Here's a video report that should get you excited about the scenery!

Winchell has a small waterfall and an impressive overlook on the south side of the lake. You could spend a night on Gaskin and day trip to Winchell. You could also spend a night on Vista either before or after. Very beautiful area. Watch for moose as you pass through Horseshoe!
08/11/2022 03:16PM  
Do y’all have campsites you recommend for Gaskin, Winchell, Horseshoe, or Vista?
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08/11/2022 04:37PM  
CanoeViking: "Do y’all have campsites you recommend for Gaskin, Winchell, Horseshoe, or Vista?"

The "Mondale" site (#628) on Gaskin is great! Most recognizable from the steps that were put in leading from the shore up to the campsite to accommodate the former VP.

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08/11/2022 06:06PM  
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08/12/2022 05:47AM  
The southern site on Vista is very nice, a 4.5 to 5 star site IMO. But if it is taken you will be relegated to either taking the site on the western shore(which is nice once you get up the steep inconvenient approach) or heading back to Horseshoe. If the area doesn't seem busy when you are there it might be worth the chance, the views from the site on Vista are excellent and you have a pretty fair chance of catching fish right from the campsite. The lake is good fishing in general and has walleyes, SMB and pike. Quiet lake.

Vista Lake site
08/12/2022 06:46AM  
TuscaroraBorealis: " Winchell site #762 "

Do you think that is reachable in one day?
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08/12/2022 12:42PM  
CanoeViking: "TuscaroraBorealis: " Winchell site #762 "

Do you think that is reachable in one day?"

Yes, if you get an early start and don't waste time it should be easy. (in good weather)
08/12/2022 02:14PM  
Great area.. Check out my trip report from a couple years ago.

Getting to Vista or Gaskin in one day would be no problem. If you only wanted to switch camp once I would suggest splitting your time between the two. I think both offer good day trip options. Winchell is a great day trip that has been mentioned but beware the wind - laying East/West like it does it can turn into quite a wind tunnel on some days. That said, our day trip from Gaskin to Winchell was the highlight of our trip. We got to the high waterfall and made sandwiches while looking out over the lake, and on the way back there was a moose right on the Gaskin side of the portage that we were able to watch for a good 20 minutes.
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