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10/31/2022 12:44PM  
We lost a good good friend yesterday. Tim has battled cancer pretty much through the whole Covid stuff, so neither he, nor Tammy, got out much. Finally, this year, they both came to my Fourth of July wing night and the Baker Lake wing night. Camping both times, he was a trooper and really thought he was getting better. Friday night, he had devastating seizures which cause much brain damage and Sunday morning went home to the Lord.

Remember Tammy as she goes through the grieving. It wasn’t that long ago she lost her son and that still weighs heavy.

She is looking into a venue on Saturday for a bit of a memorial, I believe in New Ulm. Tim will be remembered here as a guy with much love and wisdom for canoe country and such. One of the great ones I met from this site.
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distinguished member(1271)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/31/2022 02:39PM  
Hard to hear that Tim is gone. Far, far too soon.
Paddled many times with him on Lac Lavon and Nokomis.
Savage Voyageur
distinguished member(14450)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished membermaster membermaster member
10/31/2022 03:23PM  
Sad news Ben. I met Tim at a few wing nights and used to chat in our chat room. He was a really nice guy. Prayers for the family and Tammy.
10/31/2022 05:26PM  
So sad, I only met him once at your wing weekend. Tim seemed like such a nice guy, he was lucky to have Tammy/wife with him through it all, she is a trooper.
distinguished member(3124)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/31/2022 05:30PM  

Tim was a great person and member of the bwca community. He will be sadly missed. Thoughts and prayers for Tammy and the family during this difficult time.
10/31/2022 05:53PM  
So sorry to hear this. We all are less when one of our community is gone. Prayers for Tammy and all of his family and friends.

The Spartans
10/31/2022 06:44PM  
This is sad news. So glad he was able to make it to your camp out, Ben, and to the Baker lake wing night.
10/31/2022 08:51PM  
That's very sad news, Ben. Thanks for posting. My best regards and condolences to Tammy and her family.
10/31/2022 10:48PM  
Rest in peace Tim. So sad to lose a friend. I'm glad you were able to make the last wing night and the 4th of July get together at Ben's. Spent many wing nights with Tim and Tammy and enjoyed them all. Prayers for Tammy and Tim's family.

11/01/2022 06:16AM  
I was sorry to hear this as we all had high hopes that he would recover completely. Gone too soon, for sure. Hugs to Tammy and his family.
Funeral services are Saturday.

Funeral service
11/01/2022 08:17AM  
Really sad to hear this. Tim was a class act through and through. Thoughts and prayers to Tammy and family.
11/01/2022 10:22AM  
Hawbakers: "I was sorry to hear this as we all had high hopes that he would recover completely. Gone too soon, for sure. Hugs to Tammy and his family.
Funeral services are Saturday.

Funeral service "

Thanks for posting Karen. I was trying and failing at that.
distinguished member(7917)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
11/01/2022 10:27AM  
Very sad news. Tim was a member of for over 15 years and a great guy on the board. He will definitely be missed. My sympathies to Tammy and his family.
distinguished member(4162)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
11/01/2022 10:34AM  

...And he was one of the regulars at wing nights. Yes, he will be missed. I'm glad I was able to see him at the camp out last month.

11/01/2022 03:09PM  
Rest in peace Tim. My thoughts and prayers go out to you Tammy, you have been such a trooper with Tim.
11/01/2022 03:50PM  
Thoughts and prayers to his family.

Such sad news
11/01/2022 05:45PM  
Very sad to hear this.

Thinking of memories of Tim and sending thoughts and prayers to his family.

11/01/2022 06:14PM  
He was a really great guy. Always enthusiastic about paddling and gear, especially Hammocks. He was smart and shared his experiences online and at the many Wingnights he attended. He really enjoyed hearing about other peoples stories too.
He appeared to be having some difficulty at the recent Wingnight Campout but he never complained and was really happy to see everyone. I couldn’t believe he kept working during his health issues. He had a great deal of courage throughout his painful battle. He faced it with great strength.
Condolences to Tammy, his family and friends.
11/01/2022 11:23PM  
Only met Tim at the most recent wing night. Seemed like a great guy who will be missed! My thoughts and prayers go out to Tammy, his family, and friends.

11/02/2022 07:05AM  
Thank you for all the kind words. Tim really cherish this group. You all have been like family. I’m so glad that I push for these last two camp outs. I also dragged him to Duluth at the beginning of October. We drove up the north shore he couldn’t get out and walk around well so I jumped out took a lot of pictures and videos and showed him. He was so strong during these last months. I’m planning on spreading ashes in BWCA out of Sawbill. Hopefully in the spring. Would love to go in with some of our BWCA family.
distinguished member (225)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
11/02/2022 09:59AM  
I worked with Tim during his "hammock phase", and we did a couple BWCA trips together. He was ALWAYS putzing at things around camp, getting them just perfect. He'd tie and re-tie all the ropes, and made sure camp was orderly and clean as a whistle. He taught me a lot about paddling, paddles, canoes, packs, gear... everything but fishing. :) He had a huge heart and a big impact on me personally and professionally.

One day he was standing in my cube with a cup of coffee, and I told him that Red Rock had a SRQ 18.5 for sale and my wife told me I could buy it, but I was hesitant because it was still expensive. His eyes got squinty, and he looked at me like I was daft... it was just that look... I turned around, called Red Rock and bought the canoe while he was standing there. I turned back around, and he smiled and said, "That's better." and we went about our day.

We'd sometimes text each other pictures of "Le Roq!" (The exposed rock just south of Black Bear Casino) on our way to and from the BWCA.

Ahhhh lots of stories. He will be missed.
11/02/2022 06:33PM  
RIP Tim! I remember him with fondness and appreciated his wisdom.
11/02/2022 09:08PM  
So sorry to hear this, prayers to his family
11/02/2022 11:53PM  
He was one of the good guys. He and a few others really made me feel like a part of this community. We'll all miss him, God bless his friends and family.
distinguished member(7653)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
11/03/2022 05:04AM  
You guys have eulogized him with grace and tenderness.
11/03/2022 02:16PM  
Such sad news. I appreciated his posts and respected his experience. It is simply not fair.

My heart is with Herganser/Tammy and family. Impossible to overcome such a loss. His legacy of memories will hopefully provide some bright spots.

RIP Merganser. You were loved and you are missed.
11/03/2022 09:35PM  
So sorry to read this. I bet I haven't crossed paths with Tim in a decade but remember him well as one of the OG wingnight crew and a kindred spirit. A good dude-gone too soon.
11/03/2022 10:13PM  
Rest in Peace Tim
Photo is from dinner after attending Canoecopia
distinguished member(3694)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
11/04/2022 02:17PM  
Tim was one of the first people I remember meeting after discovering this family. He will be missed.
11/04/2022 07:48PM  
I met Tim at the very first wingnight held many years ago. We have remained good friends ever since. So many fun memories of our wingnight campouts and mini wingnights spent at the local taverns. He knew his stuff when it came to canoeing and hammocking. I have fond memories of debating over what is better. A log cabin or a teepee when it came to fire building.
I think he won that debate. So glad to have spent the last wingnight campout with him. Tammy is an Amazing Woman and has been his Rock. So glad that you were there with him and have been an Important part of his life.
Rest In Peace my friend. You will be missed big time. Love to you, and Hugs to Tammy and the rest of your family.
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