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06/30/2014 05:49PM
New Trip Report posted by cooke350

Trip Name: Trip Report - EP36 - Hog Creek / Perent Lake.

Entry Point: 36

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06/30/2014 07:25PM
Great report and thanks for sharing! Small world... my older daughter's first trip to the BW at age 5 was Hog to Perent and we stayed at the same campsite as you. Also.. I just did a trip with her last weekend at age 9 entering at Baker. On Saturday after exiting and showering at Sawbill we drove over to the Kawishiwi Lake to hang out for a while at the campground and we talked to the same guy with the Magic. I agree that he was a very nice guy.
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07/01/2014 09:59AM
Thanks ducks! One thing I forgot to add in my report is that I may have seen moose tracks in the mud on the trail to the latrine. It was hard to tell for sure, so I was going to go back and take a picture, but unfortunately, forgot to do so.

Any input on entering at Baker? Looking for something fairly easy when I bring my daughter and would like to try somewhere new to me.
07/02/2014 06:58AM
cooke350; In case ducks doesn't see your great report I can give you my thoughts on Baker lake [I was there the same time as he and his daughter were]. I went in on a Tuesday, in the pouring rain, portage to Kelly short and easy, the paddle up the river was ,well interesting, you can do it but don't stop to smell the roses or you will back to start, Kelly lakes sites were all full. I did see 2 moose on Kelly however. The portage to Jack is easy, cool board walk in the middle, a little mud but not much. I camped on the really elevated campsite on the point, really opens up on top of the hill, a couple of good tent pads, and dry. Ducks took the other campsite. Good walleye fishing in the narrows north of my campsite, saw a bull moose, a cow with two calfs, and a cow and one calf all within a 1/4 mile of my camp. FRED
07/02/2014 09:17AM
cooke350..... Baker was a great entry to use for a trip with my daughter. It took about 3 hours to get to our campsite on Jack double portaging and if the Kelly sites had been open it would have only been about an hour. The portages were short and easy, skinny lakes are great with a small bow paddler (it was windy on our trip but it didn't cause any problems and there were no waves because of the skinny lakes), we saw a lot of moose and saw them on 3 different lakes (Peterson, Kelly, and Jack) and the fishing on Jack was amazing. With the high water the little river sections were moving pretty good as FOG51 says but it didn't cause any problems. Above the first rapids (Baker to Peterson portage) I was extra careful and walked the canoe with daughter and gear inside up river a ways to make sure we could get paddling upstream without going down the rapids. On the way back out I pulled up short of the portage and walked up to it. With this daughter I've also entered at Hog and Lizz#47 and with my younger daughter we entered at Cross Bay#50. Baker EP had the best fishing and most wildlife I've had on my 12+ trips.

Here is a mini report of my Baker trip I posted in another thread Amazing Daddy/Daughter trip to Baker and this Magic Moments thread in the fishing forum I talk about the fishing on Jack.

FOG51.... It was great meeting you! I've been searching through the member list trying to figure out your handle since I got home. I remembered it started with F and ended in a number :)
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07/03/2014 09:57PM
Thanks for sharing your report. Crazy to have the snake swim alongside like that. I've not seen a snake up there yet.
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07/08/2014 03:04PM
Thanks for the input, FOG51 & ducks! We're planning a trip with some others right now, so I'll mention Baker to see if they're interested. Would love to have a chance to see a moose! We saw one on Perent years back and I still remember how amazing it was!

Yeah bapabear, the snake was pretty cool! It cruised along until we made one of the many turns, then it just went straight ahead and slithered up on land. We also had a huge snapping turtle swim along us on Perent, but couldn't get the camera ready quick enough :(
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