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September 30 2020

Entry Point 38 - Sawbill Lake

Sawbill Lake entry point allows overnight paddle only. This entry point is supported by Tofte Ranger Station near the city of Tofte, MN. The distance from ranger station to entry point is 25 miles. Access is a boat landing at Sawbill Lake. This area was affected by blowdown in 1999.

Number of Permits per Day: 14
Elevation: 1802 feet
Latitude: 47.8699
Longitude: -90.8858
Sawbill Lake - 38

North End of Sawbill

by shoreviewswede
Trip Report

Entry Date: August 21, 2008
Entry Point: Sawbill Lake
Exit Point: Sawbill Lake (38)
Number of Days: 4
Group Size: 4

Trip Introduction:
Kept it simple.

Day 1 of 4

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We put in at about 1pm. Have wind from South... and we're paddling north. Yippee! The (2) kids like the first site we stepped out on, in N Sawbill... so that's where we set up camp.

Caught keeper smallie and pike. Too late to eat. Put them both in rocky "pen" at the shore.   *I tell the kids they likely won't be there in the morning; they disagree*

No campfires allowed. Sigh.


Day 2 of 4

Friday, August 22, 2008

Morning comes: fish are gone.

It's windy; we fish off of protected shores. Fishing is good! Caught smallies on leeches... caught smallies on spinner baits.   Nothing huge, but big enough to eat.

Mink have den near the canoe landing; now we know where fish went!

No bugs; too much wind keepin' them down. No campfires:  Sigh. We talk late into night around alcohol stove. :)


Day 3 of 4

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Still windy; wind has shifted; we fish, we nap, we fish. Fishing is good enough; we eat smallies and walleye for supper.  Just big enough.

Still no bugs.

Who steals food from campsite? Not bear. Mouse. Bird. Sneaky little things.

No campfires:  Sigh. We talk late into night around alcohol stove. Most of it is middle-school humor (ouch).


Day 4 of 4

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Break camp. Leave camp. Say goodbye to mink. Have wind from north... and we're paddling south. Yippee!


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