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04/15/2020 07:22AM

This is the official lost and found thread.
Please post if you lost or found something in canoe country.

Although it is tempting, please don't use this thread for humor and banter so that items can be efficiently found and returned to their owner.

2019 Lost and Found Thread
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distinguished member(1705)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/17/2020 09:15AM
Someone found a canoe drifting on clearwater lake, with no registration.

They are attempting to return it to the owner. They have it listed on Facebook Marketplace, and require an accurate description.

It's listed as "Found a Canoe".
Guest Paddler
05/18/2020 09:01AM
A set of keys was found May 16 on Hwy 1 in Ely. The keys were turned in to the Ely Police Department.
member (25)member
05/27/2020 05:12PM
Found: prescription eyeglasses at the campsite on the W end of the big island on Gillis. Not many markings, no brand or anything that I can see.
They were under some dead grass near the landing area (next to a tree), only one of the temples (arms) sticking straight up. Dirty and clearly there since at least last year.
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