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04/15/2020 07:22AM  

This is the official lost and found thread.
Please post if you lost or found something in canoe country.

Although it is tempting, please don't use this thread for humor and banter so that items can be efficiently found and returned to their owner.

2019 Lost and Found Thread
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05/17/2020 09:15AM  
Someone found a canoe drifting on clearwater lake, with no registration.

They are attempting to return it to the owner. They have it listed on Facebook Marketplace, and require an accurate description.

It's listed as "Found a Canoe".
Guest Paddler
05/18/2020 09:01AM  
A set of keys was found May 16 on Hwy 1 in Ely. The keys were turned in to the Ely Police Department.
member (25)member
05/27/2020 05:12PM  
Found: prescription eyeglasses at the campsite on the W end of the big island on Gillis. Not many markings, no brand or anything that I can see.
They were under some dead grass near the landing area (next to a tree), only one of the temples (arms) sticking straight up. Dirty and clearly there since at least last year.
06/08/2020 09:42AM  
LOST - Eddie Bauer O2COOL Water Bottle on Oyster Lake at the large campsite on the center of the peninsula, near the landing on the south side. Left it on Thursday June 4th, it has two strips of black gorilla tape on it as well.
06/13/2020 09:06AM  
Edit: Found.
senior member (65)senior membersenior member
06/19/2020 09:20PM  
Met 6 guys from a university in MN that were just leaving a site on Malberg last Saturday. They left something at the site that I'd like to return. Please reach out to me if you are them or know them
06/21/2020 09:43AM  
We lost 2 motorola radios on our trip --around 6-13 or 6-14. We believe we lost them on the long portage from Boot to Ensign. Please email me at if you found them.

06/22/2020 11:38AM  
We lost a black GoPro camera on the Border Route Trail (BRT) between Gogebic lake and the Daniels Lake spur on June 16. Please send me a message or reply to this thread if found (click the envelope icon on the left under my name to email me). Thank you!
06/24/2020 12:21PM  
Found a metal ring with inscription on both sides, outside says "DAD". Found at a campsite on far east side of Ensign Lake, just west of the 55 rod portage from Ashigan Lake.
Also, I lost a tye-dye bandanna in the water on Splash Lake right before the portage to Newfound, but not much hope of that being found.
member (44)member
06/25/2020 03:17PM  
This message has had HTML content edited out of it.

Found on island campsite on Jeanette Lake on 6/19/20. Left them at the public access.
distinguished member (147)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/01/2020 12:46PM  
left behind a small spare paddle (my kids) on small island sight at Lake One. Left the sight Sunday June 28th.
07/02/2020 07:21AM  
Lost two things:

1) Leatherman Skeletool (with built-in caribiner) along Basswood River or Horse River June 26-28. Possibly at the campsite just southeast of Lower Basswood falls on the peninsula, but I imagine it fell off at a portage along the Basswood River or Horse River.

2) My wife lost an LL Bean sock (dark gray with colorful mountains near the top) near Lower Basswood falls when the wind took it away while drying. It blew east/southeast, to the eastern side of that lake/area, and if it stayed afloat the only folks finding it would be people fishing.

Thank you for any help!
distinguished member (403)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/03/2020 05:36PM  
Lost my folding 18” trailblazer saw, somewhere on a portage, we were camping on basswood and exited at Fall Lake. It was in a homemade case, made from a dog food bag, duct taped together. I exited on the 2nd.
member (19)member
07/04/2020 01:59PM  
If anyone happens to find a Blue Benchmade Flash 2 folding knife with a blue lanyard somewhere between Gull Lake and Beartrap Lake (almost certainly on the 6 rod portage between Thunder and Beartrap) I would love it back. Would also be happy to know it found a new home.

Happy paddling!
distinguished member(540)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/04/2020 06:05PM  
Found: tackle box on the road to Brule and Homer, 7/4/20. Nice little Plano - email me to claim.
07/06/2020 02:40PM  
Lost gold reel on portage from Clearwater into caribou. 07/02. Rods were tied to canoe and got pulled on by a branch. Didn’t notice till end of portage. Went back and couldn’t find. Unsure of make/model. Thanks
member (17)member
07/10/2020 05:18PM  
Found a small camouflage military belt pack at Camp 1857 on the northeast corner of Crooked Lake on June 10th. Hopefully the owner reads this and contacts me. Describe contents and name on pack.
senior member (57)senior membersenior member
07/12/2020 06:04PM  
Meant to post this awhile ago. Found a disposable camera floating in Green Lake. Waterproof case had let in some water. If you still want to take the chance at getting photos developed, let me know.
member (22)member
07/13/2020 08:35PM  

Found a blue Camelbak bottle on Otto Lake. In the spirit of LNT I packed it out. It stopped at Trail Center for post trip meal, then had beer and cheese on porch at my place.
07/17/2020 09:32AM  
Lost a pair of glasses on lake 3. weekend of 7/12/20. Nice big camp site on a point north end of lake. Glasses were prescription and in a clear plastic case.
07/19/2020 04:44PM  
Found a Toyota key fob at the basket on hole 14 (playing the "right" course). I'm willing to mail it, if it's yours.
07/20/2020 01:36PM  
thejart: "Found a Toyota key fob at the basket on hole 14 (playing the "right" course). I'm willing to mail it, if it's yours. "

Where's the disc golf course?
senior member (63)senior membersenior member
07/22/2020 11:49AM  
Lost - A 54" Bending Branches bent shaft paddle on Lake Two. Sunday morning July 19th. With the high winds and choppy water it could have made it to Lake Three or farther.
member (8)member
07/22/2020 03:26PM  
Lost camo. wide-brimmed hat and metal fish stringer on Clear Lake north campsite on July 17, 2020. If found, please drop off at Voyageur North. I can pick them up there. Thank you!
07/24/2020 11:33AM  
mirth: Where's the disc golf course?"

The Boundary Waters course.
07/24/2020 02:23PM  
thejart: "mirth: Where's the disc golf course?"
The Boundary Waters course.

The Boundary Waters Disc Golf Course

I hyperlinked that for you just in case anybody else is curious.

Your disc golf course is in Georgia, the Boundary Waters we talk about here is in Northern Minnesota....
07/24/2020 07:22PM  
well crap. thanks for the polite heads up.
08/02/2020 09:00AM  
FOUND: 7-degree bent paddle at a portage. Tell me which portage to ID it!

Edit: it is not the paddle described earlier in this thread, sadly. We saw folks leave it behind, assumed they were coming back for a second trip, and 24 hours later it was still there.
member (16)member
08/04/2020 08:28PM  
I lost a Stohlquist Ebb PFD at EP 43 (Bower Trout Lake) on 8-1-20. If found please PM me. Thanks!
08/05/2020 01:40PM  
Lost by a member of my group somewhere in the area of the Beatty Portage on 7/27: Relatively recent model GoPro on tripod stand.

Lost by me somewhere between Snow Bay on Agnes and Beartrack Lake, probably on a portage: Grey amsteel soft shackle

Lost by me at campsite # 1803 on Agnes, several amsteel continuous loops in black & grey.

If you find the amsteel stuff, I hope it works well for you. My trip member would appreciate getting the GoPro back, however....
distinguished member (149)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/10/2020 01:45PM  
Found: Merril right foot hiking boot, size 13 on campsite on Ogish.
08/10/2020 03:02PM  
Just came out on EP16 yesterday after a week long trip with 2 buddies, I'm asking to see if anybody found a small splitting gransfors bruk hatchet on any of the portage's around Agnus / Oyster area. I realized on day one of our trip ( Aug 2nd) when we got to our campsite it was missing. Below is a picture of the one I lost, if anybody has any info if appreciate it as it is an expensive axe. Thank you
08/11/2020 01:41PM  
LOST: Three items

Hey folks, after wrapping up a month of tripping up here in God’s Country, I have a short list of things either lost by me or lost by people in groups I led.

1. I lost my old Zippo lighter my friends got for me to commemorate my joining the Navy. It’s a worn gold zippo, faintly has a Department of the Navy seal and my name (Zack Moore) engraved into it. I think I dropped it somewhere near the north end of the long portage between Fourtown and Mudro on July 30th.

2. On the afternoon of the 3rd of August, one of my group left a Bending Branches Arrow paddle, size 58, on a small peninsula just south of Lewis Narrows on Pipestone Bay of Basswood. There’s a little spot where someone had improvised a campsite, and one of my group left the paddle there after we took a lunch break. As shipping would be difficult, I don’t have any hopes of getting this one back, so whoever finds this can keep it if they want. I’ll attach an image of where it’ll probably be.

3. One of my group left a pair of size 10.5 Nike sneakers on the Iron side of the Curtain Falls portage on August 5th.

Thank you!
member (21)member
08/11/2020 04:10PM  
mirth: "thejart: "mirth: Where's the disc golf course?"
The Boundary Waters course.

The Boundary Waters Disc Golf Course

I hyperlinked that for you just in case anybody else is curious.

Your disc golf course is in Georgia, the Boundary Waters we talk about here is in Northern Minnesota...."

that was some throw :-)
08/12/2020 09:48PM  
Lost my pfd between little saganaga and mora. Two compasses in the pocket, I think.

I do not really need it back, but would like to know if someone found it, because I feel bad thinking it might be out the floating as debris in the wilderness.
member (9)member
08/17/2020 01:52PM  
Found: Fishing pole and reel on Aug 14 on the portage from Poplar to Lizz Lake. Please provide a description and I'll see that it gets to you.
senior member (100)senior membersenior member
08/20/2020 11:17AM  
Found: A well used GSI teapot on a portage off the Echo Trail. Give me the EP and possible portage and I will get it back to you. Found on 8/13/20.
senior member (57)senior membersenior member
08/21/2020 12:16PM  
It was a very lost and found trip for me.


Sleeping pad on the Round to Missing Link portage. I know it came from a group with two Seagull Outfitter royalex canoes. We talked for awhile at the missing link end, but I found the pad mid portage and couldn't catch up. I dropped yo sleeping pad at Seagull assuming you would head out there.

Also found a homemade canoe yoke at Snipe. Send me a description and I can send it on back.
member (33)member
08/25/2020 03:36PM  
Found: Guidesman Operative folding knife. Found under a log way in the back of the W site on Ahsub around 8/19.
08/26/2020 02:41PM  
Found - tan and black handled folding knife on the portage between South Lake and Section 3 pond August 17
08/26/2020 05:19PM  
Found on moose lake on August 18:small green fanny pack with survival items.
08/28/2020 07:58AM  
Someone staying at Alton lake will find a pair of ray ban sunglasses resting on a log. If you read this after you found them and want to return them to my face let me know ??

I had to squint all the way home in my car.
08/30/2020 07:59PM  
Lost : red/orange and black/grey small tackle box with lures/fillet knife inside an anchor bag along with a couple tubs of worms. Likely lost on Ensign Lake campsite 1265 or the portage between Ensign and Splash Lake on August 20, 2020. If found, you will make one boy very happy.
09/04/2020 12:19PM  
Lost: Black Go Pro 5 @ Kawishiwi Lake Entry Point on June 15th, 2020. Has pictures of me and my 12 year old twins (Boy and Girl) from the trip we just completed. If you have found it please keep the camera and just send the photo disc.
senior member (85)senior membersenior member
09/08/2020 08:45AM  
Lost: Bending Branches Java 11 bent paddle 54". Lost on Seagull lake Saturday 9/5 just south east of Miles Island. A friend tipped while getting water and it floated away before wee could recover him and the gear. currents would have been taking it southeast on Seagull.
member (9)member
09/08/2020 08:55AM  
MplsKcid: "Lost: Bending Branches Java 11 bent paddle 54". Lost on Seagull lake Saturday 9/5 just south east of Miles Island. A friend tipped while getting water and it floated away before wee could recover him and the gear. currents would have been taking it southeast on Seagull."

I'm headed to that area on Thursday. I'll keep an eye out for it.
member (6)member
09/12/2020 03:03AM  
Found a lightweight jacket/sweater on 9/10 at a portage on S Kawishiwi.
09/12/2020 02:43PM  
Found gold chain with cross and timex watch at campsite on korb lake on 9/7. If you lost it, please send me a description and I can send it back to you.

senior member (57)senior membersenior member
09/12/2020 06:08PM  

Map case and water filter on the Canoe/Pine (Johnson Falls) portage. They were there for 3 hours while we hiked and enjoyed the falls so we brought them with us. Let me know the brands if they're yours and I'll send them your way.
09/12/2020 08:37PM  
Lost fly rod and flys in a blue clam rod holder.

Wallets x2 in a ziplock.

Green granite yoke bag with fishing gear.

Lost in lac lacroix. Took a new person out who got scared on big water and understandably during bigger waves. Long shot but email

09/18/2020 08:28AM  
Found on Lake Ester 9/12/20: a bear bag hanging rig. Describe it and I'll get it back to you.
09/20/2020 11:01AM  
LOST: 2500 Shimano Reel (white) in a black minnow trap left at Brule Lake entry point down near the water and information sign. Please let me know if you find it, very sad it got left as we exited.
member (5)member
09/20/2020 02:43PM  
Size 7 TEVA women's sandal. Found on Sunday September 13th at the eastern portage on East Pike Lake. Was still there on Wednesday September 16th so we grabbed it and brought it out. Let me know if it belongs to you and I can send it.
member (5)member
09/20/2020 02:59PM  
Found two pairs of black socks. Found on Wednesday September 16th at campsite 728 (far NE site) on West Pike Lake lying on a boulder as we passed by on our way out. Let me know if you want them back and I can send them to you.
distinguished member (161)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/20/2020 09:31PM  
Found sleeping bag and jacket at Whisky Jack Lake campsite on the Angleworm trail on September 19. Describe them and I can return them to you.
09/21/2020 12:58PM  
I am sharing this from a post on the BWCA Facebook page. Lost dog near Long Island lake.

Lost dog
09/23/2020 11:35AM  
Found on Wind Lake campsite - fishing poles & reels.
Please describe and I will get them back to you. (found on Aug 17th, sorry for the delay)
09/25/2020 11:08AM  
Found: small mesh gear hammock, at the island site just off Norway Point on Trout Lake

Let me know if it's yours. If unclaimed, it'll stay with my gear, since it just happens to fit my tent.
09/25/2020 12:03PM  
Found in the duff on Clearwater Lake, campsite #5 (using the Danielson method...) - silver chain with pendant. I did a cursory search and it seems like no one posted reporting this missing. By the looks of the pendant it's been out there maybe for just this season. Identify the pendant & I'll return it to you.
distinguished member(504)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/26/2020 09:33PM  
FOUND: Strength on Adams Lake campsite. If you lost it, you know what I'm talking about, it seems like it could be a sentimental item and I'll send it to you.
distinguished member(504)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/26/2020 09:35PM  
FOUND: Prescription eyeglasses on a portage between Polly and Kawishiwi Lake, yesterday. They were folded up and on a rock, undamaged. I put them in a case and brought them home. I wear eyeglasses myself and know this pair probably cost you and you want them back!
09/27/2020 11:54AM  
Lost-Womens wedding ring on Caribou lake. The one by Clearwater, dought it but it would sure be great to get it back!
distinguished member(524)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/28/2020 05:44PM  
So, I accidentally left my Chotas either on Cherokee or at the Sawbill take-out dock. More importantly, I had custom inserts in these boots. I would like the boots back, but I NEED the inserts back. So...thought I would post in case someone was checking this list. There would be a sticker with my name on the inserts. I will pay for the postage.
distinguished member (126)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/28/2020 08:10PM  
Found: Prescription eyeglasses on the S Arm Knife to Hanson Lake Portage, on the S Arm side. I can mail them if necessary.
distinguished member (420)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/09/2020 12:44PM  
See John123 hasn't posted in this year's L&F thread as I suggested he do. Perhaps hasn't checked on his post. Forgive me if it's inappropriate for me to copy my post to him here. When I first started going on Quetico trips with my husband, I would come home with quite a few found items, most of which were knives of various sizes and shapes, leaders, hooks, and lots of tent stakes. My husband used to suggest these items, especially the knives, were from scouts who carried them in pockets or places where they easily fell out on portage trails or in campsites when handling they packs. No forums or websites to advertise back then.

John1963: "Lost my phone on the little carry over portage east of the south kawishiwi river entry. It's a kyocera. Lost on Friday, Oct. 2nd, 2020. "

john1963, you might want to post your message on the 2020 Lost and Found Thread. This Thread is for items lost in 2019 so many people might miss your post here.
10/14/2020 08:58AM  
Lost/Left 2 Fenwick Rods with Shimano Radic Reels on the Portages between Knife and Birch Lakes. Early October. Thanks!
10/14/2020 03:19PM  
Found a mens wedding band on Little Gabro Lake several years ago and would like to return it to its owner. Please identify to claim.
10/14/2020 09:28PM  
brother lost a cell phone on a July trip, best guess it was July 5th on Gebeonequet at the big boulder campsite (north west site), maybe under the boulder when pack was there.
member (28)member
10/21/2020 04:09PM  
Lost a wood handled hatchet - left on Karl Lake at Campsite # 572 (listed as Lake Camp 1). Got to the next site and couldn't find it in the bags, last seen notched into the edge of the logs around the fire ring.
10/24/2020 08:58PM  
A few weeks ago one of my friends borrowed and accidentally left my Sven saw behind at a campsite at Winchell Lake or on the portage to the lake. If anyone has seen it then let me know! I’d love to have it back!

01/12/2021 05:35PM  
Can you help me post a missing persons report?

Nate Williams went missing in Oct of 2004 up by Lake Kawishiwi.
Im hoping maybe some one saw something....power of technology and media posts.

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