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Gear for the Boundary Waters, Quetico, and Canoe Camping Locations

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Suunto MC-2G Navigator Compass

Suunto MC-2G Navigator Compass

Product Description

This full-featured compass lets you take accurate bearings with a sighting notch and mirror, plus its patented Global needle works anywhere on earth.

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Savage Voyageur  
distinguished member(14174)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
08/12/2012 09:03AM
I bought this compass because of the great features. I has adjustable declination built in so just set it for the area you are in. Also has a sighting mirror to get an accurate reading. Nice bezel that has the numbers in black over a white luminous dial. The best thing about this compass is the Global needle. It settles down very fast and you can take it anywhere in the world and it will work. Most compasses will work in one of the five zones. It also can work up to 20 deg from horizontal, so keeping it level is not that important. I wish it came with a 1-24000 grid reading. If you’re looking for the best baseplate sighting compass, this is it.