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Tectron Sno-Seal Waterproofing

Tectron Sno-Seal Waterproofing

Product Description

Protect, condition and waterproof your full-grain leather footwear all in one step with Sno-Seal, made from natural beeswax. Beeswax prevents water from penetrating leather, lubricates and conditions leather without softening and preserves and lengthens the life of leather. Sno-Seal does not interfere with the natural breathability of leather and will not weaken or decay it. Beeswax is resistant to salt stains and spotting and also maintains flexibility in cold temperatures without cracking. To use: clean boots; apply liberally to prewarmed leather; use as much as leather will absorb, wipe excess and buff if desired; reapply as necessary. Will darken all leathers-test first on an inconspicuous spot. Not recommended for use on suede; it will smooth the nap.

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