Bending Branches Java 11 Canoe Paddle
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Bending Branches Java 11 Canoe Paddle

Bending Branches Java 11 Canoe Paddle

Product Description

The Bending Branches Java 11 is for the pure traditionalist for whom only an all-wood canoe paddle will do. The overall design of this handsome paddle makes it light, durable and distinctive.

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Bending Branches
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distinguished member(559)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/10/2022 07:24AM
I own this paddle in a 52 inch length. The Java II is a great paddle for long days since it only weighs around 20 oz. The fiberglass tip that BB uses is fantastic for not worrying about hitting the end of the paddle too hard. If you are looking to make the move into a higher end wood canoe paddle, you can not go wrong with the Java or any of the other BB paddles.

My only complaint is the hand grip. It is a different shape and slightly larger than my other BB paddle, an Espresso Plus; but that is on me for having smallish hands. That is reason I rated it at 7 of 10 stars. If you have a larger palm this can easily be an 8 or 9-star rating.
distinguished member (288)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/12/2022 11:57PM
My wife and I have Java 11 paddles. We use them for flat water paddling on both day paddles and canoe trips. Overall, we are pretty happy with the paddles. They are not as light as carbon fiber paddles and not as expensive. They do look a lot nicer than carbon fiber. I am a traditional paddler usually only switching sides every few hundred strokes. The 11 degree bend makes those strokes a little more effective in pushing the canoe forward. However, when rolling your wrist during a J-stroke, the 11 degree bend reduces the amount of turning force by angling the blade back. This is easily corrected by turning the paddle out a little more. The J-stroke works fine for me despite the bent shaft. We have used the paddles for four years. That includes one to two day paddles a week year round and a couple of weeks of tripping a year. The paddles have held up well. The rock guard around the blade does its job of protecting the blade from bangs.