Bending Branches Java ST Canoe Paddle
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Bending Branches Java ST Canoe Paddle

Bending Branches Java ST Canoe Paddle

Product Description

The Bending Branches Java ST canoe paddle is for the pure tradtionalist for whom only an all-wood canoe paddle will do. It's lightweight, durable and distinctive.

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Bending Branches
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distinguished member(978)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/28/2019 03:31PM
The Rockgard blade edge is excellent and the grip and shaft are comfortable. The blade surfaces are flat (I wish they were slightly cambered). The 2 oz fiberglass on the blade seems good enough vs the 4 oz fiberglass on some of the other BB paddles. BB claims that this is their lightest all-wood paddle and that the 54" paddle weighs 19 oz +/- 10%. Mine weighs 18 oz, so their claim seems to be accurate. The grip shape is freestyle (i.e symmetrical, not offset). The quality is very high.