Ray Special
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Ray Special by Fishell Paddles

Ray Special

Product Description

The Ray Special is our number one seller. It is more than just a beautiful paddle. It combines a well-proportioned blade with an appealing ratio between the blade and shaft lengths. Ray Specials pair a shaft and blade of equal length. This results in a paddle with a longer than normal blade that is mechanically superior to other paddles. The Ray Special is a great paddle for canoe tripping, lake paddling as well as paddling solo. The long blade provides a solo canoeist with greater reach and responsiveness. Although not for whitewater the Special is great for all other paddling needs.

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distinguished member (311)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/21/2022 08:56PM
It did realize at first the awesomeness of this paddle until mid trip I switch with my paddle partner and after one stroke I knew there was no going back. The ray special is by far the best paddle I’ve ever used.