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Lean Shelters by Cooke Custom Sewing (CCS)

Lean Shelters

Product Description

Taking Minimalist shelters forward. These 1.1 ounce silicone coated cloth shelters offer more useable space per ounce than tents. With the ridgeline set to 5 foot, the roof fabric extends 10 feet to the back of the structure. A 5 foot long awning is capable of closing off the front. The awning is wider at its furthest extent from the ridgeline by 2 feet, this makes for a good overlapping closure. Sides and or awning can be staked to create a tunnel like entrance to keep weather out and still maintain a large open entry. 

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$425.00 (Click to View Price Changes and Options)
Cooke Custom Sewing (CCS)

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distinguished member(11510)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
12/05/2009 11:21AM
My favorite canoe camping shelter! Room for 2+. Packs small and lite. Lots of area covered. Versatile pitching options. I prefer the lack of a floor, and just use a ground-cloth for my sleeping bag.
Have yet to need poles [trees do nicely], but take extra tent stakes.
The large volume makes for a colder shelter, but is quite storm-proof in my experience.

distinguished member(3144)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/30/2011 09:59AM
I purchased a basic Lean3 and it is rapidly becoming my favorite piece of gear. They are ultra easy to set up and with the size of the Lean you could easily place two solo tents INSIDE of it if the weather got ultra ugly.

On a recent river run, we sustained rain and hail for several hours and we were able to pack 5 people and one tent (dork forgot his rainfly)and everyone stayed dry and happy.

I will never trip again without this shelter and have actually replaced my tarps with it for that full coverage capability.
distinguished member(3144)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/05/2011 06:46AM
distinguished member(2336)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
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12/02/2011 03:55PM
Have a Lean2 Plus. It is very roomy ad is very versatile. Well made. Made in the USA.

there are a number of ways to set it up, and it has stake loops every couple of feet. Bring lots of stakes. The interior space of the Lean 2 Plus is 10 feet deep by 7 feet across and 5 feet high at the front, and includes an insect screen and a front canopy. CCS also makes a nylon tarp to use as a floor that is the same width, but slightly shorter than the floor area inside.

I had a tie out loop in the front that pulled apart in a 50 mile per hour wind and rain storm during a trip this fall. Upon my return to civilization, I returned the unit to CCS for repair, and it was returned in less then a week. Actually, I was surprised that the Lean2 Plus held up so well under high winds. Very little flapping, and no twisting or bending.

I spent more than 30 nights in my Lean2 Plus this past year, and I love the fact that it is so large and yet so light.

I also like the stuff sack that is supplied with te shelter.

However, it is not a tent, and takes a different mind set. I really like it.