Hennessy Hammock UltraLite Backpacker A-Sym
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Hennessy Hammock UltraLite Backpacker A-Sym

Hennessy Hammock UltraLite Backpacker A-Sym

Product Description

This 3-season, solo shelter is the latest in lightweight, inexpensive and comfortable shelters for ounce-conscious hikers! New asymmetric shape of hammock bed improves comfort and asymmetric shape of rainfly improves coverage. Hammock also functions as a

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Hennessy Hammock

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11/28/2009 12:08PM
Like sleeping in the clouds - I never have to worry about rocks, roots, slope on the tent pad etc again. I sleep better in my HH than I do in my bed at home.
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02/08/2010 07:47AM
Great product. It can be had with the larger fly at no extra cost. Adds a little extra weight, but worth it IMHO.
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12/02/2011 07:56AM
The HH Ultralight Backpacker A-sym has been my first choice for a warm weather shelter since I've owned it (shortly after they became available).
It is light weight, packs small and gives me the best nights sleep of any other shelter/sleep system available. When using the 'snake skins', it deploys, or packs up fast and tidy and one can set it up in the rain without getting the shelter wet. Like most hammocks, it doesn't need a tent pad, so you can camp anywhere there are two trees about fifteen feet apart. I have a bad back and when using this hammock, I can just drop my feet through the bottom into my boots in the a.m., and I'm ready to go. In a tent, it takes me twenty-thrirty minutes to get the kinks out and circulation flowing before I can perform any morning duties. I have probably used my hammock on at least two dozen trips and it still serves me well. This hammock is only good down to about 55-60*F with no bottom insulation. I use a Jacks-r-Better down underquilt (which stretches down to 30-32*F) in colder weather and a Primaloft overquilt that I made myself. Overquilts are way nicer to use than sleeping bags, and usually pack smaller. I bring a small (5x8 or 9x9) tarp along for gear and cooking. Others prefer a larger tarp over the hammock than what is supplied, but I have slept through many windy rain storms with the original fly and stayed dry as a bone. The key is to peg the sides down when expecting bad weather, and the harder the wind blows, the better the fly seals against the hammock sides.
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07/11/2012 10:59PM
Ultralite Backpacker Asym Classic
Posted Weight: 1lb15oz/860g
Packed Size: 4”x6”x9”

Hex Rainfly 70D Polyester
23 oz / 650 g
Packed Size:
3.5" x 11" 9cm x 30cm

HH BP UL was my very first camping hammock. I took it out to my backwoods testing area the day I got it. It took a few minutes to set up according to the HH instructions. I climbed in and promptly fell asleep. After a few uses, I decided to switch the standard suspension for whoopie slings. I did not actually save much weight because the stock HH suspension is very lightweight. But, well, whoopies are just cool.

The bottom entry is very convenient for many people. You can put your pack under you and everything is easily accessible just by sitting in the bottom opening and reaching down. The Velcro closure is quite strong and does keep the hammock closed well. Even if using an underquilt, there is little problem entering and exiting the hammock. The tie-outs at each side also help in this regard. The structural ridgeline makes set-up easier and helps provide a consistent sag in the hammock each time it is set up. The ridgeline also keeps the integrated mosquito net up and off the face and body.

The weight of this hammock is one of its most attractive features. Very few tents with integrated mosquito netting weigh under 4.5 pounds. So, if one is carrying this unit on a long hike, that low weight is much appreciated. For canoeing, we all know that weight is not as much of a factor. But the hammock also packs down very compactly. It actually will pack smaller than advertised. Anytime you can reduce pack volume, you will travel better.

I ordered the larger hex rain fly. It definitely weighs more than the standard diamond, but as this was my first hammock, I did not want to take any chances. The hex fly is quite spacious and when set up in a porch mode, it provides a nice airy shelter. I used the snakeskins which were included with the unit. Snakeskins make set up and take down a snap. Attach each end to one tree, slide the snakeskins back, stake out the fly and side tie outs and you are done.

The diagonal lay provides a flat and comfortable sleeping platform as long as you don’t experience the issue I did. The one problem I had with the HH BPUL was that I often woke up with cramps in my legs. The hammock would push against the soles of my feet and bend them back while I slept. As it turns out, I need a longer hammock. The problem is not the hammock, it is the way I sleep. I can say this with confidence because many folks sleep just fine in this unit.

The HH hammocks retain their resale value quite well. So, if you try this unit and don’t like it, you should have little problem recouping most of your investment.