Byer Easy Traveller Hammock
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Byer Easy Traveller Hammock

Byer Easy Traveller Hammock

Product Description

Great for packing when space is tight, the Byer Easy Traveller hammock is about as large as a queen-size bed, yet weighs only 18 oz. Lightweight hammock is made of extremely strong and durable nylon parachute cloth, allowing you take the hammock with you

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12/01/2009 02:54PM
OK, I've got one of these too. I'll usually take it when I'm with a family group - someone always winds up in it after a tough day. I bought it to replace a mesh style (smaller )hammock and I at least preferred the mesh design to the parachute nylon of this one. On the plus side, it's a lot easier to pack and unpack, on the negative side it's not quite as comfortable.

It is small and light, and I'm this only person in the family who isn't a complete fan of the design.