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Byer TriLite Stool - X Large

Byer TriLite Stool - X Large

Product Description

Now available in an X large version for enhanced comfort, the stable Byer TriLite folding stool is great for camping, hiking, fishing, sporting events, parades and concerts. X large stool is larger in every dimension as compared to the original TriLite stool; seat height is 22.5 in. Built from aircraft aluminum with a fiber-reinforced, high-impact plastic joint, durable polyester canvas seat and sure-grip feet; weighs in a 2 lbs. 2 oz. Folds down to 17.5 in. x 4 in. x 3 in. and comes with a drawstring storage sack for simple transport.

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distinguished member (258)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/19/2012 11:13PM
Picked this up on sale for only $20! It sits like a stool only it's not real stable. The little feet tend to sink into the soft earth. On the rocks it works just fine. I found myself wanting to get off though after only about 20 minutes. It is really lightweight, small to pack and great for your day/hike pack. Don't use it for base camp, you'll be happier in a chair with a backrest. But for day exploration, hiking, biking, etc. it really works well. Also if you're traveling on the lite side making many portages and need smaller gear than this might be the ticket. The XL size is a must. It is much taller than I imagined it would be for such a packable stool. I'm 6' and weigh 250 and it hasn't failed me yet.
distinguished member (258)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/19/2013 10:17PM
I used this last Fall on a 5 day trip into Basswood. It's a stool, so it's good to sit on for about 15 minutes before the back starts to hurt. It is a little unstable, you need to brace yourself on it a little bit or you'll flip over backwards. I found that putting the two feet of the the three to the rear helped with this. Like my other review states, it's perfect for day hikes and use in a pinch but a chair with a backrest is a must for camp time. I will say, it was very handy inside the tent getting dressed and I also found it great as a mini table. We used it to put our tackle box on while stringing up poles, served lunch on it, set out radio on it and listened to the game, used it while washing dishes and it's a great foot rest for someone with a chair. It's tiny when folded down and weighs nearly nothing. I'll be bringing it with every year from now as a "do a little of anything" camping device.