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Snow Peak Giga Power Stove with Piezo

Snow Peak Giga Power Stove with Piezo

Product Description

This featherweight, super-compact stove is barely noticeable in your pack-click the Piezo igniter for an instant 10,000 BTUs of cooking power. Collapsible stove top screws onto Snow Peak or MSR isobutane cartridges or Primus butane/propane canisters so you never have to pump or prime. Built-in Piezo igniter sends out an electric spark that starts the flame once the gas is turned on; no matches required! The stove performs well in cold temperatures and can be reduced to a true simmer for actual cooking, not just boiling water for freeze-dried foods. Fold-out wires provide support for most sizes of cooking pots; stable stove base allows cooking on varied surfaces. Operates most efficiently with Snow Peak fuel canisters. Stove comes in a plastic box for easy packing; size specifications are based on storage box. Fuel canister sold separately. Weight includes stove, not the canister.

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Snow Peak
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distinguished member (213)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/07/2010 04:43PM
I just bought this stove a few hours ago. I've been playing with it for about an hour now and can tell I'm going to love it. It seems to have pretty good temp controls for simmering, not the zero to 100% torch that some of the other stoves have. I also like how it comes with a little plastic carrying case. That should protect better than a velvet bag that other stoves have. The Dimensions in the case: 3.50"tall, 2.00" wide, 1.50" thick. You can literally carry it comfortably in your pocket. Next time I'm at REI I'll pick up the matching windscreen for $9.99 and see how well that works. That too is nice and small
distinguished member(1151)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/12/2014 08:02PM
Always have mine as a backup. Sometimes it's size makes it easy for a quick cup of offer without pulling out a bigger stove.