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Jetboil Helios Stove System

Jetboil Helios Stove System

Product Description

Utilizing innovative liquid-injected technology, the Jetboil Helios system offers excellent output consistency in the coldest of temperatures. Liquid-injected butane fuel system positions the canister upside down for high-output power throughout the entire life of the canister. Pot supports center and secure Helios FluxRing pots, while also accommodating traditional pots and pans for maximum versatility. Attachable windscreen protects and maximizes burner efficiency in windy conditions. Remotely positioned piezo igniter easily starts stove, even after the cooking pot and windscreen are set in place. Compact system includes proven technology for fast and convenient setup, usage and storage. System is comprised of Jetboil stove burner base with integrated pot support, 2-liter hard-anodized pot, canister stand and attachable windscreen. FluxRing heat exchanger improves fuel efficiency by evenly distributing heat along the bottom of the pot. Heat-resistant fold-out handles, plastic lid and bottom cover protect hands and surfaces when serving. Neoprene cozy stays in place during cooking without melting, increasing heat retention and cooking efficiency. Adjustable-flame burner is housed in a windscreen, reducing heat loss in windy conditions. Burner base, windscreen and canister stand fit neatly inside pot for compact storage and transport. Suitable for fuel-efficient excursions where extra capacity and versatility are needed. Fuel canister is sold separately. Please note: Helios system components are not compatible with the Jetboil Personal Cooking System or Group Cooking System.

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distinguished member(2816)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/24/2012 03:09PM
I like the Helios because it is a 4 season unit that allows for an inverted fuel canister, it also has the two large flux ring pots (2 & 3L) that will be very nice for doing larger meals during fire ban periods. I just love how nice all the Jetboil stuff packs, wastes no space, and the included fin guards are excellent plates that further add to the packability and value. With the fuel can in the upright mode the stove has great burner control, when its upside down, not so much, but this is to be expected as the metering valve is up stream of where the fuel atomizes (it atomizes in the copper tube near the burner, heat from the burner warms the fuel, thus why it should work well in the cold). The windscreen is nifty, it is nice how it snaps onto the stove, no worries about if flying off or hitting the hot stove, it stows neatly inside the pot as well. I have no used this stove in the cold yet but I did place the entire unit with a half full canister in a deep freezer for 24 hours. I lit the stove immediately upon removal from the freezer, while it was clearly not as strong as it was at 60 degree it still roared pretty good, water boil times were about 30% slower. I will have to test it in the frozen field before I can make a definitive claim to its cold weather performance.
senior member (62)senior membersenior member
04/26/2014 11:15PM
I've used this setup for several years and have never had a problem. I love how it packs down small and compact, with everything nesting inside the pot. The windscreen works very well. Boils water quickly and is easily turned down to a simmer. No complaints - I'll probably buy another in the future when camping with larger groups.