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Esbit Pocket Stove

Esbit Pocket Stove

Product Description

Ideal for your home or auto emergency kit, this pocket-size Esbit stove folds down to a small, compact size.

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distinguished member(637)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/08/2012 08:17PM
Having used one of these for years while in the army they are built to take abuse. I still have my first one that fit a cargo pocket like it was made for it. Extra fuel is carried in the base and you fold the sides down to keep it there. A single fuel tab boils a canteen cup of water on a chilly morning. The side can adjust by folding in and out to fit a number of different pots. That was the good stuff, now for the bad. With the design you have to have a level spot, the burning fuel leaves a nice black soot and its not always easy to find fuel tabs. As a back up it fool proof with no fuel bottles, pumps or moving parts to break.
member (10)member
02/23/2016 06:21PM
I have used this stove exclusively on a trip. If you are a camper that prefers to build a fire, this is a decent back-up. They are inexpensive and reliable. The Esbit chunks stink! The fire doesn't last very long. Maybe my esbit chunks were not good...But they went pretty fast trying to make coffee.