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MSR SimmerLite Backpacking Stove

MSR SimmerLite Backpacking Stove

Product Description

Whip up scorch-free meals on MSR's light liquid-fuel-burning stove. It quickly adjusts from rapid boil to stable simmer. Fine-tune the flame from rapid boil to slow, stable simmer for even, consistent cooking; control valve is at the pump, well away from flame. New self-purging pump won't leak when you remove it from the stove after cooking, is easier to adjust and is more durable. Wide burner-head distributes flame evenly; includes windscreen and heat reflector for increased operating performance. Three legs/pot supports fan out to form a stable six-inch cooking surface; legs fold for compact storage. Durable six-inch long fuel line keeps bottle away from flame for ease of use and safety. Totally field maintainable--every stove part is designed to be taken apart and easily replaced in the field, including the fuel pump. Shaker Jet technology makes cleaning as simple as shaking the stove. White gas offers the best heat-output value, plus it performs well at any temperature. Requires MSR Fuel Bottle for operation, sold separately. Weight of liquid fuel stove includes only stove and fuel pump.

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distinguished member(621)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
11/01/2011 08:10PM
Used this on our last trip to BWCA (8/11) Had to use it for breakfast becuase of the fire ban. very easy to use. somewhat tricky to start the very first time. Once you figure out it's little tricks it is very easy to start and use. works very fast simmers well and has a good wind shield if needed.
distinguished member(10861)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
11/24/2015 12:39PM
Purchased used as it' is now out of production. I am familiar with review complaints about, priming, lack of adjustability, lack of pot stability, problems with the pump.
My use:

prime trouble: is due to too much fuel used to prime. Shut fuel flow as soon as you see fuel in/on burner, no not fill cup on the bottom

lack of adjustability: adjustment has a lag because the valve is on the pump, if turned down till almost shut off then SMALL adjustments to keep it from sputtering and you can simmer it

pot stability: keep the support a bit tight and it is very stable

problems with the pump: it is plastic, new versions are stronger resins, old versions need a bit of care when tightening valves, nuts, anything screwed into the pump body

Mine lights up without the fireball, heats up fast, hard rolling boil a full quart of water at 45 degrees in 3 1/2 minutes.. Yet adjusts down to the point of a bare boil with just occasional bubbling.