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GSI H2jO! Coffee Filter

GSI H2jO! Coffee Filter

Product Description

Create great tasting, no-hassle coffee on your next camping trip with this GSI filter. It's simple-just fill your bottle with hot water, screw on the filter, add grounds, close the lid and let the magic happen. Filter effectively keeps grounds out of your coffee. Fits most standard wide-mouth water bottles.

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distinguished member (210)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/09/2013 11:36PM
Tested this out brewing coffee in the Cowboy way and the Drip Filter way. Cowboy method was much simpler, seemed faster. Just put the grounds in a 32oz wide mouth Nalgene bottle, screw on the filter and pour hot water through the filter, screw on the lid, put bottle in homemade cozy (used reflectix thin insulation and tin tape to construct a sleeve for bottle to sit inside-see my photo gallery for pic), let it set for 4-5 minutes (I ended up leaning bottle on its side) and pour. Cozy kept it hot, and filter kept all but the finest grounds in the bottle. Hey, that's part of the allure of camping. This was the method we used on our trip.
Drip filter, i.e. grounds in filter, pour water through, took more standing over and waiting for water to filter through grounds. Maybe a coarser grind would've work better.
You could bring along a Hario hand grinder, but I chose to pre-grind the beans, and the five of us enjoyed my son's home roasted coffee every norning while we camped in the BWCA this June. It usually took two brewings to satisfy all of us coffee hounds.
Both ways are easy to clean up, but be aware that you'll have to dedicate a Nalgene bottle to being the camp coffee pot. I can't seem to get the coffee smell out of it, so I'm thinking the water will have essence of coffee.