Jetboil Coffee Press
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Jetboil Coffee Press

Jetboil Coffee Press

Product Description

Turn your Jetboil Personal Cooking System into a French press and sip your favorite coffee in the backcountry with this accessory. Minimal weight is a small price to pay to enjoy your favorite bean rather than instant coffee. Works just like a French press in your Jetboil cup. Includes basket, rod, knob and multipurpose lid. Stows inside Jetboil cup, so it won't take up any space in your pack.

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Reviews for Jetboil Coffee Press

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11/28/2009 07:47PM
Good addition to your Jetboil.
member (41)member
03/26/2013 12:49PM
Use this ALOT... camping, home, and on the road. Nice addition to the Jetboil.
distinguished member(2188)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/17/2013 04:05PM
Bought it, used it, decided I didn't want my boiled water for dinners tasting like coffee...haven't used it since. If that doesn't concern you then it is a good addition and fits in the JetBoil kit with everything else. Remember to point the outer flanges down.