Deluxe Food Pack
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Deluxe Food Pack by Cooke Custom Sewing (CCS)

Deluxe Food Pack

Product Description

Closed cell foam surrounds your food to insulate and protect it, and the same frame-pack type suspension as our Hybrid series of packs allows you to carry a load comfortably. The deluxe food pack is our larger food pack suited to larger groups or longer trips. 23"H x 18"W x 12"D. 4968

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Cooke Custom Sewing (CCS)

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12/13/2009 02:59PM
I have this rugged food pack, but always use an inner plastic box and this is my cold food pack. The insulation keeps the food cold and ice mostly frozen after 5 hot days.
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02/05/2010 01:17PM
Food pack of choice on all group trips, can handle the heaviest of loads. With proper packing can keep food fresh for days. Have tripped a hundred plus days and food pack shows very little wear.
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03/02/2010 11:56PM
This pack is one of the best equipment investments yet. Nice to have a pack that keeps its shape.
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05/24/2010 12:19AM
Amazing pack- keeps stuff cold forever! We use small plactice boxes to keep crushing to a minimum.
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01/15/2012 09:19AM
Just like all of CCS products, this is top quality! I purchased this food pack for our family and group trips so that everyone is well fed with delicious food. The pack has the same suspension as the other CCS hybrid packs which supports the heavy weight that real food bring to a trip. I also use the hard poly box sold by another supplier which fits perfectly inside the pack, this seems to keep items from getting crushed and as advertised keeps rodents out. Don't buy the insulated liner which can be made from home center styrofoam insulation and contractors tape. I would not bring this pack on a solo trip but would not leave home without it on a comfort driven/basecamp style paddle with others wanting to eat well in the woods.
Arlo Pankook  
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01/31/2012 12:47PM
Mine is going strong after ten years and 25+ trips. Absolutely no signs of wear. I really don't pack ice but the padding is great anyway, I put my fishing reels and other fragile gear in here along with my food for a little extra protection.
senior member (87)senior membersenior member
06/24/2014 06:47PM
Great pack so far. Only have taken it on one trip so far, but performed better than expected. It dries relatively well in the sun, better than I expected. I love the 4 handles, I used the three top handles to hang the bag upright and it worked great. The bag was loaded up to it's max and handled the load well. I like the foam insulation knowing that the food won't be cooking in the sun on a hot day. I used a separate cooler inside, so I can't comment on the insulation properties of the pack.