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Portage North

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Website:  https://portagenorth.com/
Email:  info@portagenorth.com
Phone:  218.365.4189

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Portage North, formerly Kondos Outdoors, was born in Ely in 1980 out of a need from outfitters requiring gear that could withstand the rigors of being on trail all season long. For 35 years, Dan and Viki Kondos developed the gear we have come to love and depend on for making our wilderness experiences successful. In 2015, I, Michael Larson, took on the task of carrying that legacy forward. I grew up venturing into the Boundary Waters and spent much of my formative years exploring Ely wilderness. Along with my wife Corissa, director of Rock Ridge Christian Camp, we enjoy being able to take our personal experiences and incorporating them into how products are designed and built. By bringing in state-of-the-art cutting and sewing equipment, implementing continuous improvement philosophies, researching the best materials, and having a 1.4 million acre test lab to vet products, we strive to craft for you the toughest gear that will last you and the next generation a lifetime. My family, myself, and our staff are proud to be part of a legacy of so many adventures, expeditions, and life-long memories made over 40 years. Your stories and experiences have become our heritage of crafting the toughest gear, built for you, right here at the edge of the Boundary Waters in Ely, Minnesota.

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