BWCA Entry Point 28 - Snowbank Lake Only Boundary Waters

28 - Snowbank Lake Only

Permits Available:
Entry Type:
Overnight Paddle Only
Ranger Station:
Kawishiwi - 24 miles from office

Entry Point Notes:
  • 1 entry permit(s) granted per calendar day. (May 1st - Sept. 30th)
  • Access is a boat landing or canoe launch at Snowbank Lake. Must camp all nights on Snowbank Lake.
    Paddle day trips to other lakes are permitted.
  • Latitude: 47.97110 Longitude: -91.43247
  • Approx. Directions

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Permit reservations must be made for overnight camping or day use motor in the BWCA. You can make permit reservations through an outfitter or directly. Day use permits for paddling are available at the entry point and do not require a reservation or a fee.

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Trip Reports - Snowbank Lake Only

Trip Name Type Days
Trek or Treat - Round 3 Hiking 2 Days
Overnight To Dorothy's Paddling Canoe 1 Days
Snowbank Trail Hiking 3 Days
Journey to Sagus Paddling Canoe 7 Days
Winter Camping Trip - Snowbank to Parent Snowshoeing 2 Days
No disappointment on Disappointment Paddling Canoe 4 Days
Fishing with Dad Paddling Canoe 4 Days
First Ever BWCA Trip Paddling Canoe 7 Days
Raven, Alice, and Insula Paddling Canoe 9 Days
The Trip From Hell Paddling Canoe 5 Days
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Fishing Tips

Lake Species
Ima Lake Lake Trout
Ensign Lake Walleye
Disappointment Lake Largemouth Bass,Smallmouth Bass,Walleye,Northern Pike