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02/17/2019 05:43PM
Here's a few...

Crab Lake site #312

Little Crab Lake site #301

Cummings Lake site #287

Big Moose Lake site #182

Hook Lake site #1980

Gun Lake site #90

Finger Lake site #107

Oyster Lake peninsula pinch point site

Beartrap Lake site #1882

Gull Lake site #1889

Horse Lake site #1116

Lower Baswood Falls site #1548

Ahsub Lake site #1206

Jordan Lake site #1203

Alice Lake site #1170

Sagus Lake site #1910

Kekekabic Lake site #1406

Boulder Lake site #980

Malberg Lake site #1051

Dent Lake site #855

Wine Lake site #859

Little Saganaga Lake site #812

Tuscarora Lake site #519

Gillis Lake site #505

Gabimichigami Lake site #806

Ogishkemuncie Lake site #785

Jasper Lake site #801

Knife Lake site #1464

Cherry Lake site #322

Gneiss Lake site #433

Larch Lake site #2004

Rose Lake site #649

Clearwater Lake site #684

Little Caribou Lake site #692

Canoe Lake site #701

Vista Lake site #771

Winchell Lake site #762

Davis LAke site #931

Vernon Lake site #973

Banadad Lake site #582

Long Island Lake site #569

Frost Lake site #879
Grandma L
02/17/2019 06:56PM
Oh, so your favorites are many - (smile) Is there a "Top Ten"?
02/10/2019 11:23AM
Shell Lake, the site on Con Island directly across from the portage to Heritage Lake. At least, when I was there last, pine needles for a floor, trees for hammocks, tent pads, three sides of the campsite with water and fishing out front of the site. Our group nicknamed the site the Shell Lake Hilton.
Grandma L
08/31/2016 09:40AM
What are your favorite base camp sites and why? I love Lake Three - first site on the west side as you go through the narrows from Lake Two. Good trees for hammocks and tarps. Good shade. Easy portges and only a 2 hour paddle.
08/31/2016 09:15PM
Duncan Lake just to left of entry to the Lake. Plenty large for 2 to 3 tents with privacy and open north and East facing. Both with excellent views and high hills mostly around. Great day trips for rose lake with either trails or the falls there. Be sure to explore over the bridge near the drop off. An excellent place to read and have a packed lunch. we went twice for over 3 hours there both times. Many crossed bridge and did not get to where we were because it is somewhat hidden with a smallish entry down b y the drop-off . We took chairs for comfort while enjoying the view. No small kids please, as the drop off is more than many trees height which are growing up from below. A truly great view of rose and one of the best I have enjoyed in BW. The stair case portage is much easier if not carrying the canoe. Go north up trail and you will come to a very nice overlook of Rose Lake.

This is where we saw our lynx too, The trail for it was across the latrine path toward shore line about 50-75 feet from our tarp location. It had made a "tunnel" by brushing regulary along through the undergrowth fairly near the lake. I would not suggest crawling there unless a chance encounter is planned for. The entry is OK and hanging bag was marginal 2 years ago.

Chairs were moved not much since the shade is plentiful. Happy camping.
09/08/2019 07:49AM
I also like first site on lake 3. The latrine was full when we were there as luck would have it we got our permits checked checked and the nice gentlemen dug a new one in pretty short order.
02/02/2019 08:32PM
The first site at the south end of South Temperance. A fantastic view with plenty of room. Also the Mondale site on Gaskin. We had that one this last summer
02/11/2019 11:02AM
Never been to the left side on Duncan as many times as I've been there. We HAVE stayed on that northwestern shore, the last campsite on the left twice. No big granite boulders to lay out on but excellent landing, excellent fishing, frequent moose visitation in the bay, and lots of raspberries in late July-mid August.

09/07/2019 12:34PM
Can't say I really have one that is my favorite. I have ones I won't go to anymore but most of the sites are quite nice. I'd have to vote dead end lakes where you are unlikely to see anyone though. I like as much isolation as possible.
02/13/2019 05:33AM
my first 8 trips went to carp lake, quetico. on the east side there is a large island in the ne corner of carp. on the point, nestled in mature pines is a base camp with a sand beach. room for a half dozen tents, and located for day trips to emerald, sheridan, and where ever you choose.
excellent fishing just a few paddles away on carp.
02/12/2019 05:50AM
ozarkpaddler: "Never been to the left side on Duncan as many times as I've been there. We HAVE stayed on that northwestern shore, the last campsite on the left twice. No big granite boulders to lay out on but excellent landing, excellent fishing, frequent moose visitation in the bay, and lots of raspberries in late July-mid August.

we like that site as well!
01/30/2019 11:03AM
I guess mine would have to be the NW site on South Temperance Lake. It took us two days to get there but could be done in one fairly easily. Then we stayed there for 3 nights. It is the most secluded site on the lake, we really didn't see any traffic although there were other people there. Very nice site, biggest raspberry patch I have ever seen and we feasted on those. There was an abundance of birds there and more variety than I have ever seen up in the BW. We had a pair of Spruce grouse around the site the entire time which was kind of cool. The woods behind the site was very interesting to explore and there are some nice daytrips to be taken from there. And the sunrise view from the site of the numerous points, bays and islands with the fog rising from the lake was absolutely gorgeous. Great place.
11/10/2017 06:50PM
Was there again July 2017. Wind blown really large trees have fallen and distract from the attraction of the area. The wind was blowing in from Rose lake and the fall was right near where we had planted our chairs the previous time there. The rock the tree had grown up on and near is now mostly bare and the large uprooted roots are higher than 10 feet. How it survived as long as it did is probably due to the wind from the other direction most storms and the breaking effect of trees in that direction.

The view is still there and to see nature at work is worth the effort. This tree will likely last much longer than any of us before it returns totally to dust.
07/30/2019 09:17PM
McAree. McAree is a large lake with nice campsites and good fishing. And McAree is surrounded by several smaller lakes that are only a short portage away. Few people are on the lake in June because of its remote location. I get a tow from Zups, which cost $260.
02/17/2019 07:29PM
Grandma L: "Is there a "Top Ten"?"

No. Not really. These are some of my favorite sites for the particular area, or lake, that they are located in/on.