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June 24 2024

Entry Point 12 - Little Vermilion Lake

Little Vermilion Lake (Crane Lake) entry point allows overnight paddle or motor (Unlimited max). This entry point is supported by La Croix Ranger Station near the city of Cook, MN. The distance from ranger station to entry point is 45 miles. Enter from Crane Lake. Note: Not the entry point to use for Trout Lake (#1)

Number of Permits per Day: 6
Elevation: 1150 feet
Latitude: 48.2995
Longitude: -92.4268
Little Vermilion Lake - 12

Loon Lake

by cowde012
Trip Report

Entry Date: June 18, 2013
Entry Point: Little Indian Sioux River (north)
Number of Days: 3
Group Size: 1

Trip Introduction:


This was my first solo trip with my ten month old pup-a beagle/lab mix named Ranger.

For the most part he's pretty well behaved in a canoe though he does get restless when we're out fishing all day. He also has a nasty tendency to lay on one side of the canoe when he decides to settle in. All in all it was an easy paddle in-only a few deer I had to keep the hound from swimming after.

Fishing was the order of business day two-they weren't exactly lining up to get in the boat however so I took a nap out of the bugs in my hammock before portaging into Heritage Lake. It was a sweaty/slippery/buggy affair getting to Heritage Creek but the final few steps were well worth its feeling the breeze coming off the water and seeing a bunch of Ladyslippers at the end of the portage.

A couple of hours spent paddling around catching logs and smallies brought me back to Loon Lake just as a nasty looking storm front was crawling across the boarder. Being on the opposite side of the lake from my camp I just settled in for the rain and started catching Eyes in about 8 feet of water-a nice meal for that evening. Orange twister tails worked even better than the leeches I had carried in.

After the rain passed-well most of it-I was able to tangle into some more bass and even snag a picture of a painted turtle soaking in some rays.

The Souris River 17' that I was paddling from Cliff Wold's Outfitting handled great the whole trip-even with the pup going from side to side like a drunken sailor (he only fell out once)-in the wind or when calm. I have made this trip before and using this canoe defiantly cut down on travel time. Paddling out took about 5 hours into the wind the whole way and dodging scout troop after scout troop-lots of 8 and 9 person flotillas out there on Thursday when I returned (unfortunately a couple of them clearly traveling together).

Even so it was a great short trip with the hound. He was quite the hit on the water and at the portages... if only he would take the canoe next time...


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