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March 05 2024

Entry Point 27 - Snowbank Lake

Snowbank Lake entry point allows overnight paddle or motor (25 HP max). This entry point is supported by Kawishiwi Ranger Station near the city of Ely, MN. The distance from ranger station to entry point is 24 miles. Access is a boat landing or canoe launch at Snowbank Lake. Many trip options for paddlers. This area was affected by blowdown in 1999.

Number of Permits per Day: 8
Elevation: 1191 feet
Latitude: 47.9716
Longitude: -91.4326
Snowbank Lake - 27

June 05, 2008

Route - Snowbank to Muzzle

We started our trip going in at snowbank lake at 6:00 am on a cloudy day and I made the inexcusable mistake of not taking a compass reading before pushing off from the landing. This resulted in taking the "scenic route" to the southern end of snowbank before making our way to the 104 rodder to Disappointment Lake. We pushed north through Disappointment then on through all of the puddles on to our first night at Jordan Lake. The furthest north campsite was more than adequate in space for our group of two...this campsite could fit a full group...We woke up the next morning to wind and rain, but decided to push through further to the east then south...we made our way into Ima, then through the lake to the south of Ima (I can't remember the name of that one)...All the way to the south of this lake is a little creek that hooks up with the winter trail. Shortly (less than a 1/4 mile) after entering this creek, there is a very large (at least 4 feet tall), very old beaver dam...I am thinking that below this beaver dam may get difficult in low water season, but the upstream side should be okay...anyways, once you get past this dam the creek opens up into a small lake...this open paddling continues for about a half mile, then it narrows back down into a creek...we had no problems getting almost all the way through this creek without bottoming out...towards the very south end, we had to pull up over about 6 small beaver dams...manageable, but difficult due to the lack of good footing other than the beaver dams...It is a good thing our group of two has the strong guy sitting in the front seat (not me!)...After getting through these minor dams, you enter Muzzle lake...The lone campsite on the easternmost point on this lake is an unusual one...the fire grate sits only about 8 or 10 feet from the waters edge on a low grassy point...good for keeping the bugs away in a breeze, but cold when the weather is rainy and cloudy with the wind coming in across the lake...firewood aplenty at this site due to the lack of heavy travel...We spent a full day at this site before tackling the creek on our way out...we spent the night at the island campsite on the still unnamed lake, then continued out the next day back through the puddles and into Parent lake...Both sites identified as canoe sites on Parent are very large, spacious, beautiful sites, though a little to close to the daily resort traffic for our liking...We woke up the next morning to wind and rain, made our way back out to Snowbank...once back at the landing we took a look at the direction we were "supposed" to go, and we were shocked to see Disappointment Mountain in the much more ground is covered in a canoe than by foot, and the distances look so small on the map...Anyways, as always it was a wonderful trip, and we can't wait to get back next year, hopefully to introduce our wives to the beautiful boundary waters...

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