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Date/Time: 07/20/2024 04:08AM
Title: Trip Report - Moose river north
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OregonDave 07/03/2015 12:16PM
How bad were the bugs this time of year?

callofthewild 06/26/2015 06:36PM
Thanks for the report. Happy Paddling!!!
Jaymon 06/25/2015 06:18PM

Thanks for the report.
boonie 06/25/2015 09:24PM
Thanks for the report.
riverrunner 06/24/2015 07:03PM
No pictures rarely take a camera anymore
housty9 06/25/2015 03:29PM
Nice report, I bought my Kevlar wilderness from Hayward outfitters last year.
cyclones30 06/24/2015 05:52PM
Thanks for the report. We were in the same area about a month ago. I can see how you got a little off when finding the Oyster River, we completely missed it (although not looking for it) while traveling downstream into Agnes.

Any pictures?
riverrunner 06/24/2015 08:11AM
New Trip Report posted by riverrunner

Trip Name: Moose river north.

Entry Point: 16

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