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December 10 2023

Entry Point 32 - South Kawishiwi River

South Kawishiwi River entry point allows overnight paddle only. This entry point is supported by Kawishiwi Ranger Station near the city of Ely, MN. The distance from ranger station to entry point is 21 miles. Access is a 140-rod portage to the river.

Number of Permits per Day: 2
Elevation: 1201 feet
Latitude: 47.8419
Longitude: -91.6632
South Kawishiwi River - 32

Gabbro, Bald Eagle, First solo

by Parnell
Trip Report

Entry Date: September 05, 2008
Entry Point: Little Gabbro Lake
Number of Days: 4
Group Size: 1

Trip Introduction:
This was my first solo trip

Day 1 of 4

Friday, September 05, 2008

Day 2 of 4

Saturday, September 06, Sleeping in my hammock setup was much better then I thought. I kept hearing things all night, having bear thoughts, but it was very comfortable and cozy. Had coffee and was off exploring, as I don’t fish much. Rain off and on all three days so I had to be prepared. Black clouds around me all day as I paddled into Eagle Lake and back. Hung out on the island camp and relaxed.


Day 3 of 4

Sunday, September 07,Got up after a rainy night and made oatmeal to warm up the bones in my body. The noa weather said it got down to the low 30’s last night. At this point I paddled into some of the bays off of Gabbro and gathered wood along the way for another cold night. I think the next time I solo I will pick up camp and move on rather then staying in one place. I feel like I need to move on a loop up to Turtle or something like that, but the heel spur that has been bothering me all summer is acting up again. I hang around the island the rest of the afternoon and take pictures. A rainstorm with high winds move in and I watch two canoes struggle to get to shore. Fire to soothe me and darkness sets in… I am alone. I wonder what my family is doing and did my 11 yr. old son win his first football game yesterday?


Day 4 of 4

Monday, September 08, Chilled out all day on the island as it was very windy and the waves were splashing. Gathered more wood for the fire tonight because when it gets dark up here it’s the only thing I can really look forward to along with a hot dinner. I was able to get one faint radio station at about 7pm and low and behold it was the season opener, Packers and the Vikings. Not so lonely tonight listening to the game and having a cocktail with angle hair pasta and red sauce. Bed early and packing up early to beat any rain that could develop like it’s been all week[paragraph break] I really enjoyed being alone in the BWCA. Talk about building up your confidence. I felt like I recharged my human batteries and could face any challenge back at home. This website was a gem, thanks to all who helped! Next year my 11 yr. old will come along.