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Date/Time: 07/16/2024 11:20AM
Title: Trip Report - Agnes - LLC
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EasyFisher 06/28/2016 11:17AM
Awesome trip report. It was fun to read. Sounds like you guys had a great trip with some great fishing. If I'm able to manage a fraction of that fishing success in July, I'll be more than happy.
fcrugbyhooker 07/04/2016 02:53PM
There were some motor boats, but not many. It doesn't bother me as much when I'm in with my son. Other than that, LLC was pretty quiet. I would definitely try to push past Agnes. Waaay to many people there
DRB 07/04/2016 09:24PM
I accidentally have the wrong email address on the last post as I must have deleted a couple of letters.

Thanks so much!
DRB 07/04/2016 11:43AM
Awesome report! My daughter's request for her high school graduation is to go to the BWCA with me for some father/daughter time before she heads off to college. A year of planning puts us at EP 16 next Sunday after Saturday night at Big Lake bunkhouse. The last time I went to the BWCA was when my wife was pregnant with my daughter, but spent many trips there before kids. We used to base camp the Lady Boot Bay Area of LLC. Those are some of my most fond memories! Your trip report has me so excited for next week and thank you for the great detail. I have also been muck baptized in the Oyster river, too funny!

Our plan for next week is to check out the pictographs near Warrior hill and head to Curtain Falls then maybe Crooked. If you would be willing to share some of your fishing techniques/ locations I would be forever indebted! Did you see many motorboats on LLC? My daughter wants to avoid them if possible that is why we are not heading to Lady Boot Bay.

Thank you,
Dan Berghoefer
fcrugbyhooker 07/04/2016 02:51PM
message sent Dan!
mnrackhunter 07/01/2016 10:11AM
Very nice report, this route might be one of my next trip options.
fcrugbyhooker 06/30/2016 09:39AM
The bunk house wasn't great but the owner was super accommodating. Good enough for a bed the night before entry. Nice lodge though and beautiful set up on Big Lake. They also had cabins and I almost upgraded for the night, but we were good with the bunks....
cyclones30 06/28/2016 08:12PM
Great report, we did the same areas last year with my wife and some 1st timers. Curtain falls is awesome.

How was your stay at Big Lake? We're debating about going through them for bunkhouse and rentals this August.
fcrugbyhooker 06/28/2016 10:13AM
New Trip Report posted by fcrugbyhooker

Trip Name: Agnes - LLC .

Entry Point: 16

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schweady 06/28/2016 12:26PM
Nice report. Yes, the LLC pictos are magnificent, but there is even more there to see each time I return. I have researched the various panels there fairly extensively in the past year or so, and yes, the northernmost stretches are harder to locate and identify. Nothing, of course, like the moose to the south! Pictured is the northernmost set that we photographed last August. Since our return, I learned that there is an 'X' and an 'arms up' figure even farther north from this one, but as a consolation, I'm told that they are pretty minor and washed out by comparison. Another trip!

KT 06/30/2016 12:05PM
nice report, really enjoyed reading it. great way to spend some quality time with your son.