Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Trip REports, Quetico Park

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May Winner:   KjerJoy
Kawishiwi to Malberg in May (click to view)
March Winner:   30Smoke
Lac La Croix - The Big Lake (click to view)
February Winner:   BWfishingfanatic12
June fishing exploits on Lac La Croix (click to view)
January Winner:   marc24
First Quetico trip July 2011 (click to view)
December Winner:   30Smoke
Stuart - Iron - Crooked - Moosecamp - Fourtown (click to view)
November Winner:   YardstickAngler
The Long Way Around-First Solo on the Louse River (click to view)
October Winner:   JD
LLC Interior Tour (click to view)
September Winner:   TrailZen
The Best Trip Yet (Well, Mostly) (click to view)
August Winner:   Freeleo1
Prairie Portage To Sarah and Back: A Test of Resolve and Obstinance or Attack of the Killer slugs (click to view)
July Winner:   pcallies
Saganaga-Mack-Kawnipi-Falls Chain and Deep Thoughts (click to view)
June Winner:   x2jmorris
Kelso Mountain (click to view)
May Winner:   TreeBear
Making the Most of No Available Permits (click to view)
April Winner:   puckettgame6
Video Blog of Malberg Through Entry #37 (click to view)
March Winner:   YetiJedi
1 (click to view)
February Winner:   30Smoke
Kekekabic - a trip that ended where it started (click to view)
January Winner:   wyopaddler
Wabakimi-Southwest Loop 2022 (click to view)
December Winner:   straighthairedcurly
Kawishiwi Triangle (click to view)
November Winner:   MN_Lindsey
Hiking across the border (click to view)
October Winner:   x2jmorris
Journey into Sunlow (click to view)
September Winner:   naturboy12
One Pan-tastic Adventure (click to view)
August Winner:   pcallies
Good Fishing, Thunderstorm, and Wind (click to view)
July Winner:   dogwoodgirl
I found my thrill on blueberry hill (click to view)
June Winner:   YardstickAngler
Saganaga to Ester Basecamp-A Rookie’s Tale (click to view)
May Winner:   TuscaroraBorealis
Island & Isabella river tour, chasing the ice out (click to view)
April Winner:   Makwa90
Number Lakes Loop- First time out West (click to view)
March Winner:   TrailZen
Down Upon the Suwannee (click to view)
February Winner:   Gichimon
LIS Loop 2019 - Rivers and Storms (click to view)
January Winner:   TomT
Hybrid Solo 3 Guys and a Dog (click to view)
December Winner:   fairmatt
Familiar waters-strange circumstances (click to view)
November Winner:   WenSheff7
Silence....what silence???? (click to view)
October Winner:   stok0099
Jack lake wildlife adventure (click to view)
September Winner:   TrailZen
August Winner:   TuscaroraBorealis
Homage to the Spartans and other paddling friends (click to view)
July Winner:   straighthairedcurly
All Loused Up: solo loop out of Sawbill (click to view)
June Winner:   SunrisePaddler
May 2021 Father-Son Trip to Crocodile (click to view)
May Winner:   danbogey
9 Day Loop out of Sawbill (click to view)
April Winner:   AverageAmerican
Alpine Lake Bro Basecamp - Lots o' fish (click to view)
March Winner:   Spartan2
1977 Our First Time in Quetico (click to view)
February Winner:   BigOarDeal
Mission Angleworm: A PMA Adventure (click to view)
January Winner:   TrailZen
2007 Flying Start to Quetico (click to view)
December Winner:   TomT
Crab Lake 2 Guys and 2 Dogs (click to view)
November Winner:   MichiganMan
Firsts (click to view)
October Winner:   LaughingWarrior
2020 Voyageurs Challenge (click to view)
September Winner:   Nelsonti
Thunder Point: The view that was worth it. Barely. (click to view)
August Winner:   PineKnot
Stuart River to LIS Solo - Storms, Insects and Walleye (click to view)
July Winner:   straighthairedcurly
First solo: Bower Trout to Ram (click to view)
June Winner:   Portage99
Sawbill Loop Solo Adventure (click to view)
May Winner:   GopherAdventure
Kekekabic Trail/ Canoe Trip Hybrid (click to view)
April Winner:   straighthairedcurly
To the Bay or adventure of historic proportions (click to view)
March Winner:   Hillbilly
Family Trip to Quetico - returning after 25 years (click to view)
February Winner:   neveragoosechase
First solo BWCA trip- Solitude Interrupted (click to view)
January Winner:   wyopaddler
WCPP: The Wind Rules the Day, But the Bears Rule the Night (click to view)
January Winner:   TuscaroraBorealis
A solo new beginning (click to view)
November Winner:   TreeBear
Ice Breaker (click to view)
October Winner:   TrailZen
Wind & Rain Magnets in Quetico (click to view)
September Winner:   longblueveil
First Timers from Birch to Knife - Lessons Learned (click to view)
August Winner:   naturboy12
Parkour chipmunks, ninja rabbits, and the nighttime musings of an 11 year old adventurer (click to view)
July Winner:   wyopaddler
Quetico: Slugs and Solitude (click to view)
June Winner:   ManAndDog
44 Miles, 72 Fish (click to view)
May Winner:   sylvesterii
Snowbank to Fraser and Back (the what not to do edition) (click to view)
May Winner:   Hillbilly
Family Trip to Quetico - returning after 25 years (click to view)
April Winner:   cowdoc
Kanoes Memorial Trip.....Falls Chain-Quetico (click to view)
February Winner:   muddyfeet
Stormy September - Namakan-Loon River Loop (click to view)
January Winner:   TrailZen
2007 Flying Start to Quetico (click to view)
December Winner:   flynn
Cherry is a cherry! (click to view)
November Winner:   paddelingruth
OUR FIRST LOOP (click to view)
October Winner:   minnmike
27 day solo (click to view)
September Winner:   TrailZen
Chuck & Tia's 2018 Quetico Adventure (click to view)
August Winner:   walllee
Poohbah 2013 -1 billion Moquitoes, 400 fish, 2 happy fishermen (click to view)
July Winner:   TominMpls
Sawbill to Lake One, Across the Center of the BWCA (click to view)
June Winner:   Solobob1
Quetico solo ... sort of. (click to view)
May Winner:   Ottertailvoyageur
Frost River Loop Via EP50--Cross Bay Lake--Solo (click to view)
April Winner:   hobbydog
Early Ice out 2012 (click to view)
March Winner:   108cneil
Quetico 2014 Sarah Lake (click to view)
February Winner:   Lightfoot
25th Annual Trip (click to view)
January Winner:   treehorn
3 Nights on Cummings - 2017 (click to view)
December Winner:   muddyfeet
2017 Kruger Challenge - as told by Muddyfeet (click to view)
November Winner:   docfinny
Upper Sturgeon - Chasing Monsters (click to view)
October Winner:   BeaV
BeaV’s 2017 Kruger Challenge, Border Route Solo Speed Record (click to view)
September Winner:   mashpotatomezzo
A Childhood Dream Come True (click to view)
August Winner:   cmarie
Our Sawbill Sojourn (click to view)
July Winner:   TuscaroraBorealis
Beaches, flowers & storms (click to view)
June Winner:   GopherAdventure
Stuart River Loop June 2017- me and my wife (click to view)
May Winner:   wyopaddler
Wyoming Paddlers' Adventure (click to view)
April Winner:   Jazzywine
Magic the Paddling: Sawbill, Phoebe, Malberg, Fishdance, Kawishiwi (click to view)
March Winner:   vnzill
Five Monkeys and Four cat herders maiden voyage (click to view)
February Winner:   pastorjsackett
First Winter Trip Completed (click to view)
December Winner:   TomT
Quetico Solo w dog McIntyre Woodside and Sunday Lakes (click to view)
November Winner:   woody066
England to Prairie Portage via Beaverhouse. (click to view)
October Winner:   Sjlubner
International Falls to Lake Superior, Solo (click to view)
September Winner:   cowdoc
East Bearskin August 2016 (click to view)
August Winner:   SaganagaJoe
Happy 75th Birthday Grandpa - Saganaga/Ester August 2016 (click to view)
July Winner:   bwcahuggy
Awesome week on Horseshoe Lake (click to view)
June Winner:   MagicPaddler
Opasquia 2014 (click to view)
May Winner:   zelmsdawg
Irregular Muskies in the WCPP (click to view)
March Winner:   ELKO
First Hot Tent trip (click to view)
February Winner:   bobbernumber3
Camp in a tent in a different place each month of the year 2015 (click to view)
January Winner:   MDMark
Crooked Lake 4th July 2015 (click to view)
December Winner:   OldGreyGoose
2015 June Solo, Beaverhouse and Quetico Lakes... (click to view)
November Winner:   TuscaroraBorealis
Seeking September solitude (click to view)
October Winner:   Sjlubner
International Falls to Lake Superior, Solo (click to view)
September Winner:   crumpman
Moose River First Solo (click to view)
August Winner:   hobbydog
WCPP top to bottom (click to view)
July Winner:   SaganagaJoe
The Little Brothers Trip - Maraboeuf and Saganaga Falls June-July 2015 (click to view)
June Winner:   housty9
Sawbill to Sawbill, Rain, Snow, Sun and Fun (click to view)
May Winner:   MN_Lindsey
Mudro EP to Fairy to Fourtown to Horse (click to view)
April Winner:   fromtheplains
Leisurely Semi-Novice Trip & lessons learned (click to view)
March Winner:   Grier000
First timers - S. Kawishiwi to a Gabbro Base Camp (click to view)
February Winner:   Thwarted
South to Kawnipi (click to view)
January Winner:   nlong
First time in the BWCA- 73 mile solo trip - Frost River, Little Sag, Kawishiwi, Alice, Kek, and more (click to view)
December Winner:   TuscaroraBorealis
The historic pictograph route (click to view)
November Winner:   boonie
Steve and Steve's Boundary Waters Odyssey (click to view)
October Winner:   inspector13
Loop with Lepus not Lupus (click to view)
August Winner:   walllee
Poohbah 2013 -1 billion Moquitoes, 400 fish, 2 happy fishermen (click to view)
July Winner:   DeanL
Knife Lake 2014 - 3rd Time Around (click to view)
June Winner:   OldGreyGoose
2014 Quetico solo: Beaverhouse to Burntside and back again (click to view)
May Winner:   adludwig
Wood Lake May 2014 (click to view)
April Winner:   Ho Ho
Pictorial Trip Report - Lake Agnes in October (click to view)
March Winner:   bwbrian
Ottertrack, Cherry, Hanson (click to view)
February Winner:   Jaywalker
Winter Solo Trip to Eagle Mountain (click to view)
January Winner:   TomT
Quetico Solo with/Dog through Louisa, McEwen, Falls Chain, and Emerald (click to view)
December Winner:   Sawvivor
November Winner:   boonie
2013 BWCA Solo (click to view)
October Winner:   24kGold
Saganagons base camp (click to view)
September Winner:   OldGreyGoose
2013 Quetico Solo: French/Rawn/Buckingham (click to view)
August Winner:   nicole
first solo (click to view)
July Winner:   tanyabindernagel168
Single mother, 6-year old, 5-year old Lake One Trip - HUGE success! (click to view)
June Winner:   TuscaroraBorealis
Big Slim (click to view)
May Winner:   Primitiveman
First Solo (click to view)
April Winner:   Lightfoot
2012 BWCA trip (Brant Lake entry) (click to view)
March Winner:   dbjerknes
Video - Winter Camping Adventure 2013 - Angleworm Lake (click to view)
February Winner:   Ho Ho
Piwi Goes to Piwi (click to view)
January Winner:   MGD
Celebrating Dad's 60th in the BWCA (click to view)
December Winner:   MNIIHON
Another Month In Quetico-Part 1 (click to view)
November Winner:   IBFLY
The Magic Trip _ A Short One (click to view)
October Winner:   boonie
BWCA 2012 Autumn Solo (click to view)
September Winner:   Spartan2
Return to Cherokee (with a bonus) (click to view)
August Winner:   OneMatch
Retracing Amok's Last Trip (click to view)
July Winner:   cptrea
Quetico Trip #2: Seasick in a Canoe? (click to view)
June Winner:   TuscaroraBorealis
The Ribbon Rock (click to view)
May Winner:   UncleMoose
LIS North Loop, April 2012 (click to view)
April Winner:   Ho Ho
Quetico 2011 (click to view)
March Winner:   Kiporby
Woodland Caribou (click to view)
February Winner:   TuscaroraBorealis
West Pike, Gogebic, & Salvelinus Fontinalis ~ Good reason for freezin' (click to view)
January Winner:   TomT
Quetico Solo 2011 NcNiece, Burt, and Ted Pt. 1 (click to view)
December Winner:   Boppa
Cold Reception at Cherokee Lake (click to view)
November Winner:   MNIIHON
A Month in Quetico-October 2011 (click to view)
October Winner:   TuscaroraBorealis
Big Moose & a little girl ~ A river less paddled (click to view)
September Winner:   jcavenagh
A Promise Kept (click to view)
September Winner:   bobcole
21 day solo in August (click to view)
August Winner:   OldGreyGoose
Summer 2011 Quetico Solo (click to view)
July Winner:   PineKnot
Quetico - 17 Day Solo (Part 1 of 2) (click to view)
June Winner:   TuscaroraBorealis
Prisoners on Pine (click to view)
May Winner:   thlipsis29
Kicking Back on the Kawishiwi (click to view)
April Winner:   cowdoc
Feed Jake (click to view)
March Winner:   Wetlander
Frozen Rose (click to view)
February Winner:   UncleMoose
Winter Camping, Clearwater Lake (click to view)
January Winner:   Oneofmanyblessings
10 days in the Q, One of Many Blessings (click to view)
December Winner:   PineKnot
Quetico Solo Part 1 of 2 (better pics) (click to view)
November Winner:   Exo
Late May 2010 10-day Solo (click to view)
October Winner:   alpine525
Lake Three Adventure - No Regrets (click to view)
September Winner:   Amok
I'm Alive! (click to view)
August Winner:   OneMatch
The Wabakimi Project - The Ultimate Portage Clearing Trip! (click to view)
July Winner:   Spartan2
The Unintentional Base-camping Trip (click to view)
June Winner:   mooseplums
Mooseplums and Mr. Barley's 25th Anniversary Canoe Trip (click to view)
May Winner:   IBFLY
2010 Solo Trip One: (click to view)
April Winner:   TuscaroraBorealis
Tuscarora solo (click to view)
March Winner:   campnscrap
We're not ready to grow up!! (click to view)
February Winner:   drnatus
June-July 2009 (click to view)
January Winner:   Ho Ho
Quetico September 2009 (click to view)
December Winner:   papszoo
Father and daughter survive Stuart lake-and want to go again (click to view)
November Winner:   dogwoodgirl
Polar Bear Express (click to view)
October Winner:   bradcrc
First kayak first solo (click to view)
September Winner:   Spartan2
The Celebration Trip (click to view)
August Winner:   nojobro
Isolation on Clearwater Lake (click to view)
July Winner:   dan1523
Saganaga to South Arm of Knife Lake to Seagull (click to view)
June Winner:   Kiporby
of Wind, Waves & Men (click to view)
May Winner:   rlhedlund
Krista's Graduation Present (click to view)
April Winner:   UncleMoose
A Quetico Solo, August 2008 (click to view)
March Winner:   bumabu
Solo Rejuvenation (click to view)
February Winner:   Ho Ho
Quetico August 2008 (click to view)
January Winner:   suko
Five days after Ice out - Quetico 2008 (click to view)
December Winner:   HighPlainsDrifter
Little Indian Sioux Loop Through The Beartracks (click to view)
November Winner:   Winemaker
Homer-Temperance-Brule 2007 (click to view)
October Winner:   jdevries
Chronicles of a Day Tripper (click to view)
September Winner:   Bogwalker
Portage Clearing-or should we say Ice clearing trip-May 2008 (click to view)
August Winner:   PaddleAway
The Sundial PMA (click to view)
July Winner:   Kiporby
A Paddling Partner for Life (click to view)
June Winner:   sid41
Crab Lake/ Joining The Solo Club (click to view)
May Winner:   kanoes
Exhaustion 101: My Frost River solo. (click to view)
April Winner:   Boppa
Crab Lake: A Jewel (click to view)
March Winner:   ekffazr
little indian souix to nina moose (click to view)
February Winner:   hexnymph
Woodland Caribou (click to view)
January Winner:   mwd1976
My first solo - lake one loop (click to view)
December Winner:   TomT
Moosecamp Solo (click to view)
November Winner:   greybeard
Kash (click to view)
October Winner:   Knoozer
Knoozer Kwest #3, Brule to Gaskin Loop (click to view)
September Winner:   gc428
First Solo - Crane to Gunflint - September 2007 (click to view)
August Winner:   CIIcanoe
Quetico's Trees, Rocks and Water: A Solo Journey (click to view)
July Winner:   Buck47
Going Solo from Bower Trout to Ram (click to view)
June Winner:   BigZig
EP37 to Lake Polly (click to view)
May Winner:   Soledad
Snowbank Lake Trail (click to view)
April Winner:   Kawashaway2
Wandering on Wind (click to view)
March Winner:   paddlinjoe
Wind on Snowbank (click to view)
February Winner:   Benutzer
Paddling Pageant and the Sioux Hustler portage (click to view)
January Winner:   hexnymph
bushwacker practice (click to view)
November Winner:   Boppa
First Visit to Boundary Waters (click to view)
September Winner:   snakecharmer
(No) Disappointment in August (click to view)
August Winner:   Bannock
Little Indian Sioux River north (click to view)
July Winner:   UncleMoose
Frost River, June 2006 (click to view)
June Winner:   Beemer01
Knife Lake Opening Day Fishing Season (click to view)
May Winner:   preacher
Journey to Manhood (click to view)
April Winner:   gyrfa
Little Saganaga Region (click to view)
February Winner:   BigZig
WInter Camping near Ram Lake (click to view)
January Winner:   Beavers
Sept. Group Solo (click to view)
December Winner:   popeye
Jeffords Twosome 2005 (click to view)
October Winner:   VoyageurNorth
S Chain (Quetico) trip - September 7-13 (click to view)
August Winner:   bwkayak
Alpine Lake Fire Circumnavigation Tour - 2005 (click to view)
July Winner:   Beemer01
Beemer's 2005 Q Trip to the Man Chain (click to view)
June Winner:   Arkansas Man
June 2005 (click to view)
December Winner:   canoerone
August 2004 - South Kawishiwi/Clearwater Loop (click to view)
October Winner:   woodpecker
Canoe purchase trip 2004 (click to view)
September Winner:   Sullivan ILman
E P 16 to E P 24 (click to view)
August Winner:   Eglath
Angleworm to Stuart River 7/17-7/25 (click to view)
July Winner:   bowgirl96
Church Kids (click to view)
June Winner:   Arkansas Man
Thomas Lake June 20th/25th (click to view)
May Winner:   Eglath
May 21-23 (click to view)