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Date/Time: 06/18/2019 06:25PM
Title: Trip Report - Solo Trip-EP14 Shell/Lynx
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forgop 07/07/2017 08:57PM
I could have certainly cut back on a little bit. I took perhaps a tad bit too many clothes, but thank goodness I did or I would have been wet the whole time as the wet stuff was hanging for quite a while. I took in a pretty small amount of tackle and if I were planning on a solo trip eating nothing but freeze dried foods and skipped the gear and stuff I packed anticipating I'd be frying fish, it would have easily fit in a double portage. The intent was to fish more than anything, so it was kind of a "necessity", or so I thought going in early.

I wouldn't make another trip without at least 3 other people going forward. That said, if I ever have 3 other interested people, I'll be flying in on a remote lake in Ontario where "roughing it" involves sleeping in a cabin, a shower, a 16' Lund, and a motor capable of moving me across the lake at almost 20 MPH.

It was certainly a learning experience to say the least.
forgop 07/07/2017 07:59PM
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Trip Name: Solo Trip-EP14 Shell/Lynx.

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Northwoodsman 07/07/2017 08:04PM
Your trip sounds familiar. When I get hot, tired and frustrated I don't eat either which is a terrible thing to do. I learned to stop, drink and eat. You don't feel like it at the time, but it really helps. Hopefully you will try it again. I would lose about half of your gear, or at least half of the weight. If you can't make it across a portage double portaging, you likely have too much stuff. Each trip I cut back. It helps to sit down while it is fresh in your mind and figure out what you didn't need or use, and what you wished you would have brought more of. Thanks for posting your trip report.
boonie 07/08/2017 05:55AM
I wish it had gone better for you, but thanks for letting us know how it went. My first trip was a learning experience and so was my first solo. Solo magnifies certain aspects of a BW trip. I got some good advice, but didn't heed it because I didn't really comprehend it until after I experienced it. Good luck with your future plans.
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