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       Trip Report - The Escape of the Common Cubicle Man
Date/Time: 07/21/2024 01:42AM
Title: Trip Report - The Escape of the Common Cubicle Man
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boonie 06/28/2017 05:41PM
Enjoyed your report. Sounds like you enjoyed your trip. :)
Skarc75 06/20/2017 08:47PM
New Trip Report posted by Skarc75

Trip Name: The Escape of the Common Cubicle Man.

Entry Point: 26

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mirth 06/21/2017 10:57AM
Nice report. Probably gonna be some cooked eggs there...
Mocha 06/21/2017 07:06PM
very energetic trip report! glad you caught fish. probably not unusual to have a turtle in camp, but i've never had that happen. you had a bunch of fun for sure!
Skarc75 06/21/2017 08:08PM
It was such a wonderful time! It's really cool to preserve the memory with these trip reports! The trips all seem to blend into one after a while.
Moonpath 06/23/2017 05:23PM
Really nice report and it is clear how much you enjoy the BW. That thing in the woods is a time machine that can transport you back to the BW in 1920. I have never been to Good Lake but from your description it earns its moniker. Thanks for sharing your experience. Jerry G
BasecampMom 06/29/2017 08:01PM
Absolutely loved reading your trip report. Loved the flair of comedy running throughout. This was a very enjoyable read.

We went in around the same time as you did - but over on Crab lake and also had a snapping turtle in camp that came right up next to the fire grate.
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