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       Trip Report - 3-day out-and-back to Fraser Oct. 2017
Date/Time: 07/23/2024 06:01AM
Title: Trip Report - 3-day out-and-back to Fraser Oct. 2017
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BuckFlicks 10/26/2017 02:48PM
I wish I lived close enough to do a 3 day getaway.
boonie 10/26/2017 06:29PM
quote BuckFlicks: "I wish I lived close enough to do a 3 day getaway.

Yeah, me too - I can't even get to MN and back in 3 days.
paddlinjoe 11/17/2017 03:37PM
Sounds like you were able to recharge your batteries. Beautiful picture between Fraser and Thomas.
bottomtothetap 11/17/2017 05:28PM
Nice Report. I like your writing style!
bwcasolo 10/15/2017 03:17PM
very nice, love october canoe trips.
mirth 10/16/2017 05:06PM
I stayed at that site on Frasier with the Scouts a few years ago. It was a great campsite!
NotSoFast 10/15/2017 01:38PM
New Trip Report posted by NotSoFast

Trip Name: 3-day out-and-back to Fraser Oct. 2017.

Entry Point: 27

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NotSoFast 10/19/2017 06:43AM
It was also good to realize that it's possible to "get away" in only three days, instead of banking everything on having an entire week off. More short trips in the future for us.
FOG51 10/17/2017 06:55AM
Sometimes it's really good for the body and soul to slow down and smell the pines. Nice read and sounds like you enjoyed your trip. FRED
boonie 10/18/2017 06:33AM
Sounds like a good trip, just going with the flow.
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