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July 24 2024

Entry Point 31 - Farm Lake

Farm Lake entry point allows overnight paddle or motor (25 HP max). This entry point is supported by Kawishiwi Ranger Station near the city of Ely, MN. The distance from ranger station to entry point is 7 miles. Access is a boat landing on Farm Lake with access to South Farm Lake. Paddlers access North Kawishiwi River from Farm Lake. Some trip options available for paddlers with additional portages.

Number of Permits per Day: 3
Elevation: 1392 feet
Latitude: 47.8932
Longitude: -91.7183
Farm Lake - 31

To Insula with the Boy Scouts

by floatstanley
Trip Report

Entry Date:
Entry Point: Lake One
Number of Days: 6
Group Size: 9

Trip Introduction:
I got pulled out to go on another trip, WooHoo!!!


Well that didn't take long, I was put out for some group with kids to pick me up. They throw me in the back of a Suburban and drove to Ely. I was woken up the next morning as they were unloading all their gear at Lake One. I was strapped on (Yes, I'm not getting Farted on this Trip!!).

Lots of sun and swimming over the next few days on Lake Insula.

After coming back from the BWCA I was given to some chic with talk of an ALL GIRL TRIP???  ...Did I just get Lucky or what!

Lakes Traveled: Rifle Lake, Bridge Lake, Fire Lake, Hudson Lake, Insula Lake


Lakes Traveled:   Rifle Lake, Bridge Lake, Fire Lake, Hudson Lake, Insula, Lake,

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